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Abinader 70.3%, Leonel 19.1, Abel 7.3, says Markestrategia survey | AlMomento.net

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President Luis Abinader leading by a wide margin in upcoming elections

According to a recent survey conducted by the firm Markestrategia, President Luis Abinader holds a significant advantage over his contenders in the upcoming elections on May 19. The survey, which was conducted on April 12, 13, and 14 with a sample of 1,200 respondents nationwide, reveals that Abinader leads with 70.3% of the vote.

The survey also showed that former President Leonel Fernández follows behind with 19.1%, Abel Martínez with 7.3%, Roque Espaillat with 2.2%, Miguel Vargas with 0.8%, and Carlos Peña with 0.3%.

The study also found that 81% of those surveyed indicated that they will definitely vote in the upcoming congressional and presidential elections, while 13.2% said they may vote, 3.4% may not vote, and 0.9% will not vote.

In terms of occupation, the survey revealed that 32.1% of respondents are private employees, 27.5% work independently or freelance, 13.3% are unemployed, 10.3% are public employees, 7.9% are housewives, 5.3% are students, and 2.8% identified themselves as chiriperos.

Markestrategia, the firm behind the survey, specializes in Market Research, Opinion Studies, and Political Marketing. The company, with its main executive Guillermo Mateo, is located at 25 Cambronal Street, Ciudad Nueva, Santo Domingo. For more information, contact Héctor Romero at 849-642-5527.

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