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Afghanistan, the missing child during his retreat from Kabul finds his family

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Little Sohail Ahmadi, the newborn Afghan missing for months after being entrusted by his parents to a US marine at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer, has reunited with his family.

The little one, he reports Bbc, was returned yesterday to his grandfather, who traveled from the distant province of Badakhshan to Kabul: “We are celebrating and singing, it looks like a wedding party,” he said, with the rest of the family, now in the US, who attended via video chat.

Among the girls of Kabul disguised as boys to be able to work

by Mattia Sorbi

In recent months, the little boy has been with 29-year-old taxi driver Hamid Safi, who claims to have found him at the airport in Kabul, abandoned. The young man took the little one with him, taking him home to his wife and children. Then he published the photo of the newborn, renamed Mohammad Abed, on his Facebook profile.

Afghanistan, the tragedy of Sohail, the two-month-old child who disappeared during the evacuation of the Kabul airport

by Mattia Sorbi

Mr and Mrs Ahmadis were at the Kabul airport on August 19 to try to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power. Overwhelmed by the crowd in front of the gates of the Abby Gate, together with thousands of other people waiting to enter the airport, they had entrusted their newborn to an American soldier for fear that he would be crushed by the crowd, thinking that they would soon arrive at the entrance to take it back with them. But they hadn’t heard from the baby since that moment.

The couple was then evacuated with their other children aged 17, 9, 6 and 3, arriving in Fort Bliss, Texas, after a long journey with stops first in Qatar and then in Germany.


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