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After Fernanda’s speech on BBB 24, memes with ‘new’ film poster go viral

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After Fernanda’s speech on BBB 24, memes with ‘new’ film poster go viral

In the midst of a desperate struggle, a young climber decides to cut his own hand to free himself from a heavy rock that slid over his body and crushed his arm, over the course of five days, in an isolated canyon in the United States. Film mentioned by confectioner Fernanda on BBB 24 — last Monday (5), during the Sincerão dynamic —, “127 hours” recomposes the real story of American Aron Ralston, now 48 years old. Well, the title of the production launched in 2010 and starring actor James Franco is now, you see, among the most talked about topics on social media, following the repercussion of the Niteroi native’s speech on “BBB – Big Brother Brasil”.

“I always stay away from you”, said Fernanda to the saleswoman Beatriz, in the middle of “washing dirty laundry” on the reality show. And she continued: “There’s a movie called ‘127 Hours’, in which the guy holds his hand on the rock. If I had held my hand with you, it wouldn’t be 127 hours. I would break my hand in five seconds, because I I don’t want to be near you.”

The cinematographic quote went viral on the networks, and Fernanda’s blunt speech to Beatriz became a reason for praise (and also memes, of course). “I’m speechless after Fernanda ripped Bia to pieces, just like James Franco did with his arm in the film ‘127 Hours'”, joked a user on X (formerly Twitter). “Loving Fernanda. And really if it were in ‘127 hours’ it would be 5 seconds with Beatriz”, wrote another microblog user.

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On the social network, in fact, internet users have been sharing alternative versions of the film’s poster. In one of the montages, Beatriz appears in place of the rock — and Fernanda appears in the role of the climber, on the rock that she slid in the middle of her path.

A 94-minute film, “127 Hours” spends most of its time focused on climber Aron Ralston, played by James Franco, and in a single setting, a narrow crevice between the rocks of the canyon. In a mix of humor and delirious inventions, director Danny Boyle — responsible for hits such as “Trainspotting: no limits” (1996) and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” (2008) — manages to transform a static story into an attractive and cinematic drama.

In the film ‘127 Hours’, actor James Franco plays mountaineer Aron Ralston, who cut his own hand after being stuck to a rock for six days — Photo: Disclosure

Currently available on the Star+ platform, “127 Hours” is an adaptation by Boyle and Simon Beaufoy, also behind the successful “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, and has a script based on the book “Between a rock and a hard place” (something like “Between a rock and a difficult place”, from 2004), in which the climber tells in detail the tragedy he experienced and its surprising outcome.

— I read Aron’s book in 2005 and found it incredible, not only for its obvious demonstration of courage and resistance, but for its reflection on human vulnerability — said Boyle, to GLOBO, in 2010. — I always wanted to make a film in which the protagonist was arrested. The intensity of such a situation produces an excellent plot for a feature film.


This Tuesday (6), one of the BBB 24 participants will be eliminated from the program. Alane, Beatriz, Isabelle and Juninho are in the spotlight.

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