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Åge Aleksandersen, Åge Aleksandersen and the Association

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Åge Aleksandersen, Åge Aleksandersen and the Association

Trønder-Avisa reports on Wednesday morning that Åge Aleksandersen and Sambandet’s very last concert at Lerkendal in Trondheim is sold out. The interest was obviously great, as the tickets were snapped up in just under half an hour.

– It is completely raw, but not completely surprising, Stein Vanebo in Trondheim Stage tells the newspaper.

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Didn’t get tickets? Fear not:

As the interest was so great, an extra concert has been arranged. It will be held on 5 September 2025, NTB reports.

Was in doubt

Åge Aleksander himself is overwhelmed by the response and the rapid ticket sales.

– I was probably the one who doubted the most that it was possible to fill up Lerkendal. This is overwhelming, touching and absolutely fantastic, says Åge Aleksandersen to NTB, and claims that he had envisioned “a community center or something like that”.

About the decision for another concert, the rock veteran says:

– We have spoken in the team, and it seems that the response and the pressure on ticket sales is so enormous that we can do nothing but post one more concert. This concert will then be added to the day before the sold out one – Friday 5 September 2025.

Ticket sales for the extra concert will be released on Thursday 1 February.

Sold 25,000 tickets

The very last concert on the farewell tour takes place at Lerkendal Stadium on 6 September 2025.

On Wednesday at 10,000, almost 20,000 tickets were put up for sale. 5,000 tickets were sold in advance.

It was Friday last week that Åge Aleksandersen announced that he was going to give up the touring life for good. For several decades he has traveled around the country with the Association, which for the past 20 years has had the same crew. Opposite NRK he has said that one of the reasons why he is now giving up is his age.

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– It is superb to play. I notice the age when travelling, for example. I get tired, he said in the autumn.

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