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Alert for the parade in Yemen of Houthi fighters, the pro-Iranian militia that supports Hamas terrorists

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Alert for the parade in Yemen of Houthi fighters, the pro-Iranian militia that supports Hamas terrorists

Thousands of recently recruited Houthi rebels marched in Yemen on Saturday in support of Hamas and its offensives against Israel. According to the leaders of the Shiite movement, the fighters will be sent to the Gaza Strip to fight against the Israeli Defense Forces.

Images broadcast by the local press showed the soldiers, dressed in traditional Yemeni clothing, long-sleeved jackets, kufiya and Palestinian flags, marching towards Sabeen Square, south of the capital, Sanaa. They also carried firearms and were being observed by the movement’s senior leaders, who remained on a podium throughout the event.

“They have wounded our hearts by killing children in Gaza,” said Saleh Alan, 67, who volunteered to go to the front despite his advanced age. “How can we sleep while these Muslims are being murdered before our eyes? If we accept that, they (Israel) will catch up with our children in the coming days because they are ruthless and inhumane,” he then questioned.

“We will sacrifice ourselves and our money for the cause of Allah, to support our brothers in Gaza, Palestine and Lebanon. They are attacking children, women and hospitals… they have left nothing. And if the Arabs remain silent, we will support our Palestinian brothers and sacrifice everything we own,” said Amiruden Karar, 23, also recently summoned.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels are, along with Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, one of the Iranian-backed terrorist militias that provide the greatest support to Hamas in its offensives against Tel Aviv. With their attacks, the groups force the IDF to keep several fighting fronts open, which the enemies – they hope – will allow to delay their advance on the enclave.

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Thus, since October 7, the insurgents have already claimed several launches of cruise missiles and drones and, as soon as the offensives were reestablished on Friday morning, upon the cessation of the truce, they resumed their activities. They even promised to “expand their operations” by land and sea against “the Israeli enemy” if it “resumes its aggression against Gaza” and does not extend the agreement that allowed the entry of more than 200 trucks of humanitarian aid into the territory.

“We will not hesitate to expand military operations against the Israeli entity to include targets that may not be expected, on land or sea,” declared Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea.

Along with these actions, the group continues to prevent the movement of ships flying the Israeli flag or those owned by it in the Red Sea, where incidents such as attacks and hijackings on cargo ships have been recorded in recent weeks.

On November 24, they captured the ship Galaxy Leader and, three days later, they repeated their actions with the oil tanker Central Park, owned by Zodiac Maritime, a company belonging to Zodiac Group and Ofer Global, owned by billionaire Israeli tycoon Eyal Ofer.

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