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Anđela Đuričić in tears because of today’s date | Fun

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Anđela Đuričić in tears because of today’s date |  Fun

This date has been difficult for Anđela Đuričić and her family for years, so the Montenegrin woman is worried about her parents, whom she hasn’t heard from in months.

Source: YouTube/Zadruga Official

Anđela Đuričić, in today’s address in the Garden of Eden, confided in the Tree of Wisdom and revealed that today is very difficult for her, because it bears a date that is difficult for her and her family every year. She couldn’t control her emotions in front of the cameras, so she burst into tears while talking about the happenings in the house in her pajamas.

The Montenegrin woman burst into tears while talking about the fact that today’s date, 16. martvery difficult for her and her family, for yearsand it is known that a great tragedy happened to them when her own brother was killed in a traffic accident, which she herself spoke about in the Cooperative last year.

Anđela was unable to stop her tears, and she pointed out that it was strange to her that just last night she dreamed of her parents and her coming home to Montenegro.

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What he apparently doesn’t know is that he is 13 years ago today killed Ksenija Pajčin, on March 16, 2010, the first and great love of her boyfriend Zvezdan Slavnić.

Source: Instagram/ksenia_pajcin

She also apologized to her family for everything that was done in the Cooperative: “Mom, Dad, Jelena, Vuča, I love you. I hope you are well and I’m sorry for everything, I think about you every day, and I pray that everything will be okay. Even though I don’t mention you, you never leave my mind. Regardless of the fact that I turned out to be self-absorbed and that I only thought that it would be good for me, it’s really not like that, I think about you every day. Mom, please, just make everything okay. I hope I didn’t cause you any problems, because I couldn’t bear it“.

Listen to what Anđela had to say about her family and her relationship:

Anđela Đuričić
Source: YouTube/Zadruga Official

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