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Anne Hathaway was asked to make out with several men

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Anne Hathaway was asked to make out with several men

Actress Anne Hathaway (41) is a well-known name in Hollywood and she has starred in several blockbusters. Recently, she has allowed herself to be interviewed in V Magazine. Here she tells, among other things, that back in the 2000s it was considered normal to ask an actor to make out with other actors to test the chemistry.

According to Hathaway, this is referred to as a “chemistry test”.

Are you someone who “never falls in love?” – This is crucial for the feelings to come

– I was told: “we have ten boys arriving today, and you have been given the role. Aren’t you excited to cuddle with them all?” she told the magazine, continuing:

– I thought: “Is there something wrong with me”? because I didn’t think it was exciting. I think it sounded disgusting.

At this time, the actor was young and knew how easy it was to lose everything by being labeled as “difficult” in the industry. Therefore, Hathaway pretended to be excited.

The 41-year-old elaborates that it was just a completely different time, and that now you know better.

She does not share which film this applies to.

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The actor has previously spoken out to Variety about experiences in meeting the press as a 16-year-old. During the Sundance Film Festival, the star opened up about an unpleasant interview that has left a mark on her.

– “Are you a nice or naughty girl?”, the actress recalls being asked when she was just 16 years old.

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