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breaking latest news of the Levitants concert in Zamora

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breaking latest news of the Levitants concert in Zamora

The extensive tour he is taking Levitants throughout almost the entire national geography, it reached the capital of Zamora. After his last visit a year ago, now the excuse fell on the presentation of his latest EP (first in Spanish), “Immediate future” (Subterfuge, 23), in addition to bringing his recent single under his arm “Sophisticated”, preview of their next album that they will release again with Subterfuge. In front of a room that was near the sold outthe quartet went through almost their entire discography, going through their two stages, clearly differentiated in each of their albums.

The beginning of the concert was filled with songs from their first album “Enola” (Subterfuge, 19), which bring us closer to a darker post-punk with songs like “Red lines”, “Coimbra”, “Suicide” or his own “Enola (M de llorar)”and then, gradually, move on to the brighter pop-rock of their second work, in which they seem to feel more comfortable expressing their speech, with songs like “Forward”, “New generations” o “Let’s go”. During the hour and a half of the concert, they even allowed themselves to play a couple of new songs, a preview of what will be their next album (while reporting that one of them will be released this week on digital platforms) . The most intimate moment occurred when the group left the stage after the first section of the concert, before the encores, and Sergio Isabel stood next to the audience, acoustic guitar in hand, to play “West”to the surprise and joy of the attendees.

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Faced with an apparently cold start, and after the band’s insistence that “On Saturdays you dance”the final fireworks of unquestionable hits, made the audience lose their inhibitions, and finally, the room mutated into the party that the group was looking for, worthy of those “guitarrazos” that the band had been playing throughout a night that ended with “Beings of light”. A concert that, going from less to more, satisfied both those from Valladolid and the Zamorano audience, while hinting that the band’s turn of the helm made the change of language, works perfectly. Furthermore, the new songs make us anxious for the release of the next album, to continue enjoying more moments like those experienced last Saturday evening at La Cueva del Jazz en Vivo.

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