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breaking latest news of The Limboos concert in Valladolid

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breaking latest news of The Limboos concert in Valladolid

Last Friday, March 15 The Limboos They visited Valladolid to present the songs of “Off The Loop” (Penniman, 24) which is his new album. At 9:30 p.m., Roi, Daniela and company began their concert on the stage of the Cientocero hall in Valladolid to offer a show full of rhythm and intensity. Thus they began with the defense of those new compositions that mark the skeleton and musical backbone of “Off The Loop”. New themes full of character, intensity and charisma, painted on a canvas of maturity and “Expertise”. Songs like “Stranded I’m Moving” o “Dark Is The Night” they speak for themselves. These new songs alternated with other retro-futuristic dystopian gems in the pure style of editor Lloyd John Dunn or even approaching atom-punk, to the delight of their unconditional and veteran followers.

Compositions that came from previous albums such as “Space Things” (Penniman, 14) o “Limbootica!” (Penniman, 17) made their live proposal better founded. All this under very decent acoustics in the room. The Galician combo living in Madrid for years did not give any respite and even referred to their album “The bathroom” (Penniman, 19), enveloping the night of the city bathed by the Pisuerga with intense, elegant and accurate sound prisms. The position of leader was exchanged between Roi (official singer) and Daniela (drums and backing vocals), making their live performance more fluid and powerful. Instruments such as a modular Moog and a good rhythmic base like maracas enriched all his songs, present and past, making the respectable person dance and chant, who almost without realizing it was already prostrate at his feet. Direct result of that spatial mambo cocktail of which they are expert makers, mixing the Latin rhythms of the fifties under a current look and perspective.

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