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Brother of Missing Man Pleads for Public Cooperation in Finding His Whereabouts

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Brother of Missing Man Pleads for Public Cooperation in Finding His Whereabouts

Title: Desperate Family Seeks Public Help as Search for Missing Puerto Rican Man Continues

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The family of Eddie Xavier Morales Rodríguez, a man reported missing in Puerto Rico, is pleading for public cooperation and assistance in finding their loved one. In an interview with El Nuevo Día, Edwin Morales Rodríguez, Eddie’s brother, urged individuals to share any information they might have with the authorities to aid in the search.

The disappearance of Eddie Xavier Morales Rodríguez has left his family devastated and desperate for answers. Edwin Morales Rodríguez shared that their mother, Ilian Rodríguez Hernández, has been profoundly affected by the situation, and the pain has spread throughout the entire family.

In a heartfelt plea, Edwin Morales Rodríguez stated, “We don’t care who did what, none of that. What we want is to find my little brother. If he is with a better life, we have hope.” He emphasized the importance of cooperation, even if it is anonymous, to help bring Eddie home.

Eddie Xavier Morales Rodríguez had been visiting Puerto Rico from Colombia, where he previously resided, to celebrate their maternal grandmother’s birthday. The 2022 Toyota Corolla he was driving was found burned in the Medianía Baja neighborhood in Loíza, adding to the distress of the family.

Edwin Morales Rodríguez highlighted the peculiarities surrounding AutoExpreso reports for the vehicle, which showed routes not consistent with the location where the car was eventually found. The family hopes that unraveling the sequence of events leading up to the disappearance will provide crucial leads to assist the ongoing investigation.

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Authorities are seeking information about the last trips Eddie made as an Uber driver. Lt. Wanda Torres, assistant director of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of San Juan, revealed that they have requested a report from Uber to determine the passengers Eddie transported before his disappearance.

Activist Pedro Julio Serrano and the group Puerto Rico Para Todes has joined forces with the family to help find Eddie Xavier Morales Rodríguez. They are urging the authorities to act swiftly and asking the public to come forward with any relevant information that could aid in the search effort.

Eddie Xavier Morales Rodríguez was last seen wearing sports pants, an Adidas sweatshirt, a cap, and black sandals when he left his residence in Santurce to work as an Uber driver. If you have any information that could contribute to the resolution of this investigation, please contact the confidential line of the Police Bureau at (787) 343-2020 or (787) 793-1234 ext. 2200, 2201, or 2464.

The family and authorities remain determined to find Eddie Xavier Morales Rodríguez and are hopeful that with the public’s support, he will be located safe and sound.

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Please note: The investigation is ongoing, and any new updates will be provided in subsequent articles.

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