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Check out our first test with the new Chevrolet Spin 2025

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Check out our first test with the new Chevrolet Spin 2025

Minivan gains many standard features and more safety features but insists on the old 1.8 engine

The Chevrolet Spin has a captive clientele in the national market. Half of its buyers are families and the other half are taxi drivers, app drivers and fleet operators in general. And for those who don’t have the budget for a large seven-seater SUV, the minivan has always fit very well with its established mechanics, enough space but with few standard items.

However, this game changed with the debut of the 2025 Spin line, even though GM calls it “the Spin”, as a reference to SUVs. This is the second important change to the minivan in five years and the most profound in twelve years of life.

New design aligned with new line

Spin brings a new visual language that makes it more aligned with the brand’s other products in Brazil, especially the new Montana. There is a larger grille, with horizontal elements, tapered headlights divided into two parts with standard LEDs and a higher hood.

The sides have not changed other than a wider trim that is sold as an accessory as well as the fog lights. The suspension is 16mm higher, the standard LED headlights illuminate 145% more than the old halogen ones and the approach angle is now 16.6 degrees and the departure angle is 24.9º thanks to the new bumpers. Inside, Spin has changed radically too.

More refined and equipped interior

With development that seems to have started from the inside out, the Spin 2025 receives a new panel that is its highlight. With a more horizontal orientation, it features niches and rubberized object holders, a new steering wheel with a flat base similar to that of the Tracker and Montana and two screens, one for the dashboard and the other for the new 11´´ multimedia with MyLink system, onboard Wi-Fi and OTA (over the air, remote) update as standard.

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Ergonomics have improved with more seat adjustment range, the foam has greater density in the seats but there is still a simple height adjustment for the seat belt that may bother shorter drivers. Speaking of which, the rear seat recline, the rail, access to the third seat with a nylon strap remain unchanged and work very well.

In terms of safety, the Chevrolet Spin 2025 now has six airbags as standard and in the Premier version there is a new blind spot warning, emergency warning and braking, visual lane departure warning and distance indication from the car in front.

Engine is an old acquaintance

If Chevrolet invested a lot in the interior, the same cannot be said about the engine. It remains the 1.8 aspirated SPE/4 with four cylinders, flex, which develops 106/111 hp and 17.7 kgfm of torque. This family of engines debuted in the 1990s in the Corsa line but has evolved over time where pistons and connecting rods, valve control, individual coils have changed but remains with the same concept as a four-cylinder aspirated engine with a timing belt without using turbocharger.

Many expected the 1.2 engine from the Tracker and Montana to debut in the Spin. However, a new engine would have to be approved in the old minivan body, which would require a high investment. And GM, always conservative in its choices, preferred to please a public that wants the old engine but with cheap maintenance.

According to GM, this engine is 11% more economical and suspension and steering recalibrations were carried out. According to Inmetro, the new Spin runs 7.4km/l in the city and 9.3km/l on the highway with ethanol, figures that rise to 10.5km/l in the city and 13.4km/l on the highway. Previous data with gasoline shows that the Spin traveled 8.8km in the city and 12.6km/l with gasoline.

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First test with Spin 2025

Riding the Spin brings back the feeling of driving a car that is an old acquaintance but with a completely new look. If, on the one hand, the engine’s performance did not change, and it was not possible to prove the reported economy, it is clear that the experience on board the Spin is pleasant.

The car’s attributes are known with a good driving position although it lacks belt height adjustment and the new higher bonnet contributes to an “SUV feel”. However, the best was the onboard experience with new customizable high-resolution panels with steering wheel controls, multimedia with a simplified interface and a high-resolution camera to make maneuvering easier.

The aspirated engine is slow to restart and the final power does not allow for sporty driving. Far from it. But it is always possible to drive in comfort aboard the Spin, which is a family car.

GM still offers just over 60 accessories for the Spin. There are items such as attachable bags in the trunk, velcro bag for the back of the third row, bicycle support, RGB LED interior lights, mirroring and data projection in the multimedia, door sills, carpets, trims and other items that can be purchased in more than 600 Chevrolet dealerships.

Ahead of it is the C3 Aircross as its main competitor “as well as some compact SUVS,” GM executives said during the presentation. But the fact is that Citroën has been disturbing Spin’s presence and that’s why GM moved quickly. The price of the Spin 2025 ranges from R$119,900 for the five-seater manual LT version, to R$126,900 for the automatic LT, R$136,900 for the LTZ and R$144.9 thousand in the Premier evaluated version, which is the top of the line.

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