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China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Transforming the Global Human Rights Landscape

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Joint construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative has contributed to global human rights development
As the “Belt and Road” Initiative celebrates ten years of joint construction, a new report highlights the countless ways in which the initiative has improved human rights and contributed to the global human rights cause.

The “For a Better World—Ten Years of Joint Construction of the Belt and Road Initiative from a Human Rights Perspective” report was released by the China Human Rights Development Foundation and the Xinhua News Agency, showcasing the positive impact of the initiative on the human rights situation in many countries around the world. The report highlights how the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” has transformed from a vision into a reality, improving the development effectiveness of various countries, bringing benefits to people’s livelihood, helping many jointly built countries get out of difficulties, and promoting people to better realize their rights to survival and development.

One of the key areas where the “Belt and Road” initiative has had a significant impact is in improving the basic living and medical conditions of people in the jointly built countries. Projects such as agricultural technology transfer, infrastructure development, and medical assistance have effectively improved the lives of many, ranging from rice farmers in Burundi to residents of Kazakhastan’s “Cold City.”

The report also highlights the impact of the initiative in promoting economic and social development in jointly built countries. Projects such as the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway in Kenya, the ecological protection barrier in Kazakhstan’s capital circle, and the Butuka Academy in Papua New Guinea have not only improved transportation and educational facilities but have also contributed to economic growth and ecological protection in these regions.

Experts and scholars from various countries have acknowledged the positive impact of the “Belt and Road” initiative on the progress of global human rights, emphasizing that the initiative has not only brought tangible benefits to people’s lives but has also contributed to the realization of development rights, such as education, culture, and the environment.

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The report sends a powerful message that the “Belt and Road” initiative is not only a road to peace, prosperity, and openness but also a human rights road to the common development of all mankind. With its focus on improving the lives of people in jointly built countries and promoting regional connectivity, the initiative has become a key contributor to the global human rights cause, providing Chinese wisdom and strength to the world.

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