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China’s Generous Donation: Over 20 Photovoltaic Parks Gifted to Cuba

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China’s Generous Donation: Over 20 Photovoltaic Parks Gifted to Cuba

China Donates More Than 20 Photovoltaic Parks to Cuba

The government of the People’s Republic of China has donated over 20 photovoltaic parks to Cuba, with one of them set to be installed in eastern Cuba. The Cuban News Agency announced that the installation will take place in Mayarí, a municipality in the province of Holguín. This donation comes as part of Cuba’s efforts to change its energy matrix, which currently relies on fossil fuels for 95% of its energy needs.

The photovoltaic park in Mayarí, specifically in the area known as Serones, Guaro district, will have a capacity to generate five megawatts of electricity using sunlight. This contribution is expected to meet 40% of the electricity demand in the Mayari territory and also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases harmful to the ozone layer.

Currently, the project is in its initial phase, with the study of the land conditions and necessary assurances for the construction and assembly works being carried out. The Chinese donation, amounting to over 114 million dollars, will also facilitate the gradual installation of photovoltaic parks in other Cuban municipalities such as Banes, Sagua de Tánamo, Rafael Freyre, Urbano Noris, Gibara, and the provincial capital.

In addition to the photovoltaic parks, the use of solar panels is being promoted in difficult-to-access communities in Báguano and schools in all 14 municipalities of the province through international solidarity networks from countries like Canada and Luxembourg.

Journalist Emilio Rodríguez Pupo stated that this donation from the Chinese government will benefit 10 Cuban provinces, with Holguín being the recipient of the largest number of sites. A total of 22 photovoltaic parks will be installed as part of this donation, which surpasses 114 million dollars.

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The news of this generous donation has been met with gratitude and hope by the Cuban people. Many have expressed their appreciation for the Chinese contribution in improving the country’s difficulties and needs. They see this as an important project for their beloved town and eagerly await its completion.

The installation of these photovoltaic parks is a significant step towards reducing Cuba’s dependence on fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy sources. It showcases the commitment of both China and Cuba towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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