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[Click today]Pfizer executives claim Israel is a vaccine laboratory, causing controversy |

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[New Tang Dynasty News from September 14, 2021, Beijing time][Click today](4185-2)

Pfizer executives call Israel a vaccine laboratory Israeli fryer

Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to click on the show today. I’m Shi Tao. In the previous two days of the program, I shared with you that Modena or Pfizer is producing a new type of vaccine. It is necessary to combine the Chinese Communist virus vaccine and the flu vaccine into a two-in-one, two-in-one. The flu is flu, right? The CCP virus is the CCP virus. When we see the problem of dealing with the flu, the story we have seen is a story, just like people drinking morning tea. Every fall and winter, you start to get the flu vaccine. You can take it yourself. No one Force you.

If you get the flu vaccine, it is obvious that the flu will kill you, but people take it as a daily life. In turn, when the CCP virus faced this matter, we thought, the first thing to say, how many people died from the flu or how many people died from the CCP virus, which one is true? And everything about elites today is fraudulent.

Therefore, in this context, Pfizer’s chief health officer, the chief creator of this virus vaccine, said in this video conference last Thursday that Israel is our big experimental site, so it signed a contract with the Israeli government. After signing the contract, we will give them all the medicines and vaccines, and then we will see how the vaccine reacts. We explained to everyone in the show that the Jews must have destroyed themselves and their civilization this time. The civilization itself this time represents the catastrophe of mankind. The Jews back then believed in God’s messenger Moses and killed his lamb; today’s Jews let everyone get vaccinated, one, two, three, or four to fight against God, because the plague is a miracle. This is the Jew. Write it yourself in the Bible. Human beings are vaccinating in various ways. The United Kingdom opened the seal today, and it cancelled the vaccine passport again, and the upcoming implementation was cancelled again.

Some people say what you mean by this. Today’s scientists, today’s federal government, and today’s Western civilized society don’t know what the CCP virus is. I’m talking about this. So he regarded all the people as guinea pigs with their loving attitude. One of the vaccinators is one. You are just a white mouse. You are not a person created by God at all. This is what they see in their eyes. Share the second half of this episode with you. Pfizer executives said that Israel is a laboratory for vaccines, and Israel has exploded. Pfizer executives Last Thursday, Pfizer executives were no one else but Pfizer’s chief doctor and the chief vaccine maker. At the conference, he used that kind of video conference to tell some of the world’s top scientists that Israel is actually our Pfizer vaccine laboratory.

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Pfizer executives call Israel a vaccine laboratory Israeli fryer

So after the incident came out, and just after the vaccine came out, we signed a contract with the Israeli government, and we supplied it to Israel at the greatest possible and fastest speed. In this case, Israel must collect the nationwide response to the use of vaccines and transfer big data to Pfizer. Then he said so publicly. He said that Israel is actually our vaccine laboratory. If he said it publicly, the Israelis would fry the pot, and then the Israeli government could not bear the pressure, right? Israel is the world’s first vaccine, the fastest vaccine, the widest coverage, and the most injections. Now it is about to get the fourth injection and the most injections. But as of yesterday, 836 Israelis died per million people. In 21 days, it went from 700 deaths per million to 836 deaths per million. What’s the meaning? Its mortality rate increases by 20% in 21 days when the fourth shot is about to be given, and when the third shot is popularized.

People are fighting against gods for money. Today’s vaccines don’t lose a single wool because the Israelis killed their own lambs back then. This kind of behavior, this is what I said that the circle is rounded. If the Jews back then had the palms of their hands, today’s Jews have the backs of their hands, so they synthesize one hand. This is the end of the matter. Western civilization, the civilization created by the Jews ended, where did it come from, but today’s people do not understand this. And we have already introduced to you in our program, just standing here, right, I said this civilization must be over. How trusted the Jews back then, how skeptical and deviant the Israelis today are. You know how the Israeli Minister of Health responded. The Minister of Health said that we did not enlighten Pfizer, but we also made Modena. He is an idiot, it is another matter whether you make Modena or not. People treat you as an experiment. Is it a contract you signed? No no, not only did we become Pfizer Labs, we also became Modena Labs.

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All the friends who are vaccinated today, you worship everything about science. The Jews are the leader of the people in today’s human society as a scientific point of view. They have only eighteen million people in the world, and the nation of Israel has 9.3 million people. You plus all the wandering Jews in the world, ten million, twenty million. But look at today’s science, medicine, psychiatry, Freud, neurosis; Marxism, Engels, murderers, right; Einstein. Einstein, the story we see is about the materialized thing itself, allowing people to touch a state of division. It is to reach a kind of environment that touches the highest kind of life from a human perspective, but it is materialized. Then his appearance gave human society an atomic bomb. Picasso drew his face on his ass. Darwin said that his ancestor was a monkey. He believed it all. Now he all believes this, right?

So when I personally went to university 40 years ago, I remember very clearly that at the time of the final judgment, the Jews must retaliate against mankind. The reason: after they killed Jesus, it was met with retribution in the entire human society. They have no country. They have been bullied all the time, but it is because they killed Jesus and killed the retribution brought by God. Then this retribution, in turn, he wants to retribute mankind. You can’t find it on Google now. The owner of Google is Jewish. Can you find it? You can’t find it on Facebook now, but the boss of Facebook is Jewish. Can you find it? You are on a Mac. The Mac is originally Jewish. Can you find it? Actually it is. So I said in my eyes, absurd, the absurdity of people today is so absurd that it is so ridiculous that I find it ridiculous in my eyes. It is embarrassing, but this ridiculous story is tied to it, indeed tied to the United States, before and after the US election that began last year.

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So this is what we saw. Also on 9/11, Trump arrived in lower Manhattan. That was when something happened on 9/11, the police in this place, the police in this place, and the firefighters in this place suffered the most damage. So we saw this video, that day after the ceremony, that is, after Biden and their ceremony, he actually went to the scene, then this is the story we saw in the live environment. In fact, it is quite touching, and it is quite touching to say what is in your heart. How touching does it represent, as the last U.S. president,

His strength in the civil society, American civil society. On the night of 9/11, Trump flew back to Florida from Manhattan. This was a game in Florida at a club or a boxing club. Trump was invited by the club to comment on the scene. Then Trump told him. The son went.

After going, before punching, when he came to the comment platform, the whole scene said that we love you. In contrast, during two consecutive weekends, at the scene of an American football game, there appeared to scold Biden and use the F word to scold Biden. This is the national scold of our Beijingers, so it is very touching. sharp contrast. Then Trump obviously did not expect that there would be such a loud voice at the scene, so he just thanked him, he thanked everyone, and he had nothing to say. In this is a 2 minute video,

What they tried to turn to the comment itself was the perspective of the boxing match itself, but the voice on the scene was too loud. Then this was later, yesterday, on Twitter, it became a top news on Twitter. We love Trump and became a top news. When it was in North America, during the daytime of North American Eastern Time, Twitter used its own method to suppress the news. Well, this episode will end here, thank you everyone, goodbye.

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