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comes Roberto Saviano’s outburst

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comes Roberto Saviano’s outburst

With a long video about X Roberto Saviano commented the Geolier case at the Sanremo Festival 2024: “Are you perhaps thinking of the Neapolitans’ conspiracy? Come on, you took everything you could, with the criterion of historical expense you have in fact made any growth and improvement is impossible in the South. Today, with differentiated autonomy, will the removal of the Southern Question be achieved by law and will you bother Geolier? But find it hardbecause the one you have leaves you too much free time to waste on nonsense.”.

Sanremo 2024: Roberto Saviano defends Geolier

“Geolier is listened to by thousands of people throughout Italy. What is the conspiracy? Thousands of people voting for a Neapolitan artist? What the f***… Naples is one of the youngest cities in Italy in a country that is demographically dying, many young people in Naples use televoting which the more mature public does not know how to use.” And then again: “Geolier brings the Neapolitan to the Sanremo stage. Trap and Neapolitan hip hop have set a precedent… So? What’s the problem? Geolier was born in a difficult neighborhood, I know he distanced himself from certain environments. The private plane? Ok, a typical rudeness of trap and hip hop artists… So what? What’s the problem?. Surely we shouldn’t let him win, right? I’m not fearing conspiracies, I’m simply saying… It’s clear that what happens in these cases is seeing that there is excessive numerical passion and then trying to rebalance it, it’s always been like this…”.


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