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Criticism of Sidna Svina | Fun

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Criticism of Sidna Svina |  Fun

The actress from the hit series “Euphorija” and the production “Anyone but you” is the target of criticism from producer Carol Baum

Source: Profimedia

Actress Sidney Sweeney made a splash in the series “Euphoria” in which she played opposite Zendaya, but also in the romantic comedy “Anyone but you”. The busty blonde was rumored to have gotten close to lead actor Glenn Powell during filming, which she vehemently denied, saying that her fiance, who was on set, was by her side the whole time.

Recently, scientists, talking about the proportions of the face and body, declared Sidney “the most beautiful in the world“, but their opinion is not shared by Hollywood producer Kerom Baum, who worked on the films “Father of the Bride”.

“I don’t understand Sidney Swinney,” Baum said, saying she had seen her movie “Anyone but you.” “I wanted to know who she was and why everyone was talking about her. I also told the students in the classroom – explain this girl to me: she’s not pretty, she doesn’t know how to act, is it because she’s pretty? No one knew the answer.”

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“She’s not pretty and she doesn’t know how to act” Brutal name-calling for the most beautiful actress in the world

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Source: FF-USA / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia/Br. image: 4 1 / 4 Source: FF-USA / Shutterstock Editorial / ProfimediaBr. image: 4 2 / 4 Credit: Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc. /ProfimediaNo. image: 4 3 / 4 AD Credit: Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc. /ProfimediaNo. image: 4 4 / 4


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