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Crossing of flu and corona virus | Magazine

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Crossing of flu and corona virus |  Magazine

See what are the symptoms of a cross between the flu and the corona virus!

Source: TV Prva/screenshot

From the Institute for Public Health of Serbia “Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut” they report that there was a cross between flu and corona virus in Belgrade. So far, five cases of simultaneous infection with the influenza virus, type A (H1 P/2009) and SARS-CoV-2 infection have been confirmed in the territory of the city of Belgrade.

Dr. Snežana Rsovac, pediatrician and pulmonologist, explained how to recognize the symptoms and when it’s time to see a doctor. As she mentioned at the very beginning, this is not the first time this has happened since the arrival of the corona virus, it has happened before.

“It is important what is in the clinical picture, and it is less important what exactly was the first causative agent. In this season, the influenza virus is very dominant and gives a very difficult clinical picture. It lasts for two and a half months, at first it was sporadic, and now we have more and more patients,” explained Dr. Rsovac, adding that the clinical picture depends on the patient’s general condition. The symptoms are high and persistent temperature, pain in the throat and joints, malaise.

“When we talk about the corona virus, so far it has appeared in this winter season, but its clinical picture in children was like a cold,” the doctor pointed out and explained when we should consult a doctor.

“When we talk about children, those who have a high temperature, and are of preschool age or newborns, you don’t manage to bring it down for a day or two, they don’t drink enough fluids, they are weak, sleepy – you must contact the pediatrician,” said Dr. Rsovac. Advice or preventive measures are: mandatory airing of rooms, hand washing, taking care of hygiene and doing sports, walking for older people.

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