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Cuban donates house to girl and her family who lived on the street

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Cuban donates house to girl and her family who lived on the street

Cuban Activist Limay Blanco Helps Homeless Family

A heartwarming act of generosity has taken place in Cuba, as a follower of activist and comedian Limay Blanco has stepped forward to donate a house to a family in need. The family, consisting of a grandmother, mother, and four-year-old girl, had been living on the streets in Havana until recently.

The generous donor, identified as Barbara Lermo Pérez, was moved to purchase a house for the family after hearing about their plight from Limay Blanco. The news was broken during a live broadcast on Blanco’s Facebook profile, where he spoke to the grandmother, Maria, and shared the exciting announcement.

The touching moment, captured on the live broadcast, shows Maria bursting into tears upon hearing the news, and gratefully embracing the woman who had been hosting the family. Blanco also appealed to the woman to extend her hospitality to the family for a little longer so they could prepare the new house for their arrival.

This heartwarming act is just one of many instances where Limay Blanco and his Christ Changes Lives ministry have delivered much-needed help to struggling families in Cuba. In fact, just the previous day, Blanco announced the delivery of another house to a Cuban mother living in poor conditions.

The news of this generous act has sparked hope and positivity among the community, and serves as a reminder of the impact that kindness and compassion can have on those in need.

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