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Cuban regime deploys police in Bayamo for International Human Rights Day

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Cuban regime deploys police in Bayamo for International Human Rights Day

The Cuban regime carried out an enormous police deployment this Saturday night in the city of Bayamo, prior to International Human Rights Day.

In a video circulating on social networks, residents of the town witnessed the passage of a caravan with motorcycles, trucks, and police patrols, which did not limit themselves to putting on a show by sounding whistles and sirens.

In the clip, just under two minutes long, you hear someone asking: “What’s that?”, in clear concern about the passage of the forces of the repressive apparatus.

Between expressions of astonishment, the person recording the event or someone who is nearby questions why there are no ambulances to care for the sick and yet they put on these types of intimidating shows. “Look how patrols have passed and there is no ambulance,” she warns.

“Anyway, They are the owners of the fuel of the entire country. He started out as shameless, for that there is gasoline,” is heard in the recording.

This demonstration of harassment and display of superiority by the Cuban police, prior to International Human Rights Day is part of the offensive orchestrated by the regime against activists and relatives of the more than a thousand political prisoners in the country, of which approximately 700 demonstrated on July 11, 2021.

Precisely, on December 10, the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights denounced the arrest of activist Agustín López while communicating the surveillance in which the house of Delanis Álvarez Matos is located, wife of political prisoner Duniesky Ruiz Cañizares.

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Wilber Aguilar Bravo, father of political prisoner Walnier Luis Aguilar, was also arrested. Meanwhile, the house of Saily Núñez, wife of Maikel Puig Bergolla, another political prisoner, was besieged by police officers.

Journalist from CubaNet Camila Acosta reported on the social network X: “From today I have police surveillance outside my home. The objective is to prevent me from going out on the streets before, during, and after #InternationalHumanRightsDay. This is the fourth time in four consecutive years that this date has been commemorated.”

Every year, the Cuban government prevents celebrations for International Human Rights Day with harassment, arbitrary arrests, and house arrests of people who challenge their interests.

The country is a signatory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but has not ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, nor the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, among other instruments of the United Nations, whose Human Rights Council was recently re-elected.

Although there are permanent complaints about human rights violations in Cuba, many of them collected by International Amnesty, the United Nations, and made from the European Union and other countries, the regime continues to deny that it violates the rights of residents on the island and persists in its strategy of pointing out problems in the United States and nations not related to its ideology.

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