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Cubana de Aviación Introduces Tupolev TU-204E Aircraft to Cuban Fleet

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Cubana de Aviación Introduces Tupolev TU-204E Aircraft to Cuban Fleet

Cubana de Aviación announces arrival of Tupolev TU-204E aircraft in Cuba

Cubana de Aviación, the official airline of Cuba, has announced on its social networks the arrival of the Tupolev TU-204E aircraft in the country. The aircraft arrived at the José Martí International Airport in Havana on September 18 after undergoing an extensive maintenance process.

The arrival of the TU-204E is part of the plans of the Cuban Aviation Corporation SA (Cacsa) to incorporate long and medium-range aircraft to provide service in the second half of this year. Joel Beltrán Archer Santos, the president of Cacsa, had previously stated that the process of reestablishing the Cuban aviation aircraft fleet involves the production capacities of spare parts, adjusted to international conditions.

The process of restoring the fleet included detailed inspections, necessary repairs, and updates to ensure optimal functioning of the TU-204E aircraft. Technical experts and specialists worked diligently to meet the highest quality and safety standards during the maintenance process.

The TU-204E, with the registration CU-T1702, was assembled and delivered to Cubana de Aviación, marking a significant step in the recovery of the Cuban aviation industry. The airline aims to enhance its fleet to provide improved services to passengers and meet the growing demand for air travel in and out of Cuba.

Cubana de Aviación has expressed its excitement about the arrival of the TU-204E on its social media platforms, highlighting the dedication and hard work of the team involved in the maintenance process. The incorporation of this aircraft is expected to contribute to the overall development and modernization of the Cuban aviation sector.

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Passengers can look forward to a reliable and efficient flying experience aboard the newly refurbished TU-204E aircraft, as it joins the fleet of Cubana de Aviación. The airline continues its commitment to offering safe and comfortable journeys to travelers, while also supporting the growth of tourism and business activities in Cuba.

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