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Daniel Ortega makes Nicaragua a refuge for those convicted of corruption and criminals

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Daniel Ortega makes Nicaragua a refuge for those convicted of corruption and criminals

Political Tensions rise as Nicaraguan Embassy Offers Refuge to Fugitive President

Panama City – The Nicaraguan Embassy in Panama City has been at the center of a political storm since former president Ricardo Martinelli took refuge there after being convicted of corruption and money laundering. The embassy is located in the La Alameda urbanization, a middle-class neighborhood in Panama City.

Martinelli’s arrival at the embassy has caused significant uproar between the Panamanian and Nicaraguan governments. While the Nicaraguan government claims that Martinelli was granted political asylum according to international conventions, Panama has rejected this and insists that Martinelli’s situation is not one of political persecution, but criminality.

The diplomatic dispute reached a critical point when Nicaragua requested a “safe conduct” for Martinelli to travel to Nicaragua. However, Panama firmly rejected this request, warning that any actions or statements made by Martinelli from within the embassy would be considered interference in Panama’s internal affairs and would lead to diplomatic consequences.

This is not the first time Nicaragua has offered refuge to individuals with criminal backgrounds. The government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has previously granted asylum to individuals with accusations of diversion of public funds and drug trafficking in their home countries.

The fact that Nicaragua has become a sanctuary for individuals accused of corruption and under investigation contradicts the principles of international law and legitimized asylum. The opposition and exiled politician, Félix Maradiaga, believes that this practice distorts the purpose of political asylum, which should protect those who are genuinely persecuted for their ideals and not serve as a refuge for those who evade justice due to proven acts of corruption.

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Concerns are being raised regarding the practice of offering refuge to convicted individuals by the Nicaraguan government. Critics argue that providing shelter to criminals contradicts the principles of international law and undermines national dignity. The situation highlights the need for a reevaluation of the purpose and principles of political asylum.

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