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DSP, THE KNOTS AT THE COMB — The cat, the fox, the tin sequins and Pinocchio on the run

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DSP, THE KNOTS AT THE COMB — The cat, the fox, the tin sequins and Pinocchio on the run

The government deputy who bombed Serbia. The man who talks to fascists.

Paolo Arigotti interviews Fulvio Grimaldi

The growl of the dachshund. Fulvio Grimaldi: why I became a shadow in DSP

Where the minicolossal of a revisited mythopietic detective story is projected, in which a guide cat marks the territory in his own way, attracting flocks of trusting cats and leading them towards the field of miracles with his gold coins, thanks to which they will be able to lead the great final battle against mice, rats and other muselids.

The fox arrives, sits astride the cat and places himself at the top of the Muselide army marching against the enemy. Cats, kittens and felines of all species find themselves uncomfortable under the new leadership, also because, following him, we can glimpse many Pomeranians who, being from the Canidae family, historically and naturally have little in common with cats. Indeed, they do not have the best intentions towards them.

Oh well, the cats say, as long as you continue in the right direction, towards the field of miracles and the gold coins, for the final battle against the muselids…. But then the fox changes direction, from the main road it enters junctions on the right and then further junctions on the right, until arriving at a total U-turn.

At this point, to claim the good reasons for the cats’ path and destinations, a Pinocchio pops out, then another Pinocchio, then yet another: they warn the guide cat to avoid the fox’s maneuvers and, to strengthen the purpose, a Pinocchio bites off one of his paws, so much so that he tries to lame him while chasing the fox.

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The cat, a former guide, does not want to understand and, still allowing himself to be ridden by the fox, points out to his tumultuous followers, in the distance, the tree of gold coins. But the kittens have noticed the U-turn, basically a spin, and marching in the opposite direction, they see, in the distance, a tree, yes, and full of sequins, but this time, if you look carefully, tin sequins . Having discovered the fox’s deception, the cats disperse, lost and desperate here and there.

Will the crippled ex-guide cat be able to get the fox off his back and take the right direction again, towards the real tree, in the field of possible miracles? What do you say?

(with the utmost respect and many apologies for cats, foxes and all animals)

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