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Dubai airport in trouble after being flooded

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Dubai airport in trouble after being flooded

Dubai International Airport, one of the world‘s busiest aviation hubs, faced chaos on Thursday as unprecedented torrential rains caused flooded runways, leading to cancellations and delays, reported CNN. Despite Emirates and Flydubai reopening check-in, the airport advised passengers to only go to Terminal 3 if they had confirmation from their airline about their flight’s departure. Terminal 3 saw high volumes of travelers, leading to long lines and congestion.

Videos shared by the agency depicted large crowds at the airport, which was recently ranked as the second busiest in the world. The storms that hit the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday submerged access roads to the airport and caused disruptions in transportation. Passengers like Mohit Mehta from India shared their experiences of waiting for over 30 hours at the airport, facing chaos and shortages of food and water.

The severe weather conditions led to the cancellation of 30 flights and delays for 388 flights to or from the airport. Emirates and FlyDubai were among the most affected carriers, with Emirates apologizing to passengers for the disruptions. Social media users shared their frustration over the lack of response from airlines as they struggled to get help while stranded in different locations.

The extreme precipitation in Dubai was part of a larger storm system crossing the Arabian Peninsula, causing floods, traffic standstills, and disruptions in transport services. Residents across neighborhoods found themselves stranded in their homes, with some using canoes to navigate flooded streets. Authorities in Dubai and Sharjah initiated cleaning operations to pump water from roads and clear debris, as affected families were relocated to safe places.

The UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan ordered authorities to assess infrastructure damages and provide direct support to affected families. Schools remained closed, and federal workers were advised to work from home until Friday. The aftermath of the storm highlighted the need for improved infrastructure and disaster response measures in the face of extreme weather events caused by climate change.

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