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Duško Ivanovic commented on the defeat of Crvena Zvezda by Partizan | Sport

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Duško Ivanovic commented on the defeat of Crvena Zvezda by Partizan |  Sport

Partizan’s spokesperson asked the Zvezda coach to stay and apologized to him.

Source: YouTube/ BC Partizan TV

Crvena zvezda Meridianbet suffered a defeat in in the second game of the ABA league finals against Partizan, and the coach of the red and white team Dusko Ivanovic first he came to the press conference.

“Congratulations to Partizan, they used their home field advantage very well and lead 2-0. Tonight we played much better in the first half, we had chances to win, but I think we gave this victory to Partizan with some mistakes. Especially with the fall in defense in the second half, but good. The score is 2-0, the game is played on our field, it doesn’t change anything for us, neither our filling to be able to win, nor our plan to win.”

Someone guessed that “You are convinced, aren’t you?”, and Ivanovic answered in amazement? “Please? What was this? Shall I go? Have some respect, I have respect for you. Come on, say it now…”

Partizan spokesman Ivan Ivković apologized to him for the intrusion. “Come on, say something else, say it freely now,” Ivanovic addressed that person, but there was no continuation of the dialogue.

In the continuation of the conference, when asked what Zvezda can change in the next game, Ivanovic remarked: “In the games. What we missed was that we forgot that the game lasts 40 minutes in defense.”

“I have a lot of faith in my players, I know what they can do. If someone wants to win the final, they can have no doubts that they will win. Neither me, nor my players. I have no doubts either,” said Ivanovic.

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“We will play with the maximum energy we can have. Missing the zitter is an integral part of the giru. It looks easy, but sometimes it’s hard to hit, even though it seems impossible. Let’s not think it’s easy. From the audience, it is, but it’s not quite like that. But I hope that we will hit those goals in the next game.”

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