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Eitan, his grandfather’s lawyers appeal to the Supreme Court of Israel. “That he stays in the country as his parents wanted”

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The odyssey of little Eitan, the only survivor of the Mottarone massacre, continues. The lawyers of Shmuel Peleg – Eitan’s maternal grandfather – have appealed to the Supreme Court after the two sentences against them. “We are confident that the Court – they said in a statement – will address this unprecedented case and order that Eitan remain in Israel as his parents wanted”.

The grandfather’s lawyers, in presenting the new appeal, expressed “confidence that an adequate response will be given to Eitan” and that the Supreme Court will order “an immediate examination by experts to clarify what the real will of the child and his good are “. Peleg’s choice to appeal to the Supreme Court took place within 7 days set by the Tel Aviv Court of Appeal which had rejected the appeal presented by Peleg himself, ordering the return within 15 days of the little survivor of the Mottarone massacre in Italy with his paternal aunt. Aya Biran, as required by the first ruling of the City Family Court. At the same time it had blocked the enforceability of the sentence on this aspect to allow the Peleg lawyers to present any appeal. Eitan, therefore, still remains in Israel for now.

Eitan case, “The grandfather had no mercy”. It is legal warfare

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At the same time, Shmuel Peleg’s Italian lawyer presented himself before the judges of the Milan Review Court, who must decide whether to confirm or revoke the precautionary custody order against Eitan’s grandfather. “The facts are established, there is no dispute, but their legal qualification is wrong,” he said. “It wasn’t a kidnapping.” “The discussion lasted about ten minutes, the prosecutors were not present and we presented the written reasons that we filed in which we maintain that there was no kidnapping”, the lawyer explained to breaking latest news, flanked by colleagues Sara Carsaniga and Paolo Polizzi. In particular, the defense team believes that there was no kidnapping because the paternal aunt Aya, the child’s guardian, is not a foster and has no custody rights over the child. The Review reserved a decision for itself.

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Mottarone Cableway, the Review: “Unconventional and superficial management”

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