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Toti: “Christmas in the white zone, a possible goal”

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“Our goal is to have a Christmas in the white zone in Liguria. The projections and the numbers say that this is possible, and it must be possible to return to fully experience such an important period for our families and our traditions, but which also represents a moment of great importance for the economy and tourism of our country. region: it is not tolerable to think of going back to closing, above all because the solution is available to everyone, and is called a vaccine ”. Thus the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti, who takes stock of the Coronavirus and vaccines situation in our region.

“Certainly it is necessary to be careful and be prudent given the increase in the circulation of the virus, and above all to continue without delay the vaccination campaign, which today allows us to have a situation, in hospitals, very different from that of a year ago, when 1510 were hospitalized, of which 117 in intensive care. Today the numbers are very different, with 120 hospitalized in total, 12 of which in intensive care: we still have an important margin to be able to manage the situation, but it is necessary to continue on this path that is allowing us to restart and to be back to life afterwards. almost two years of pandemic “.

To date, coverage with at least one dose in Liguria is 85.3%, and the first doses administered from 4 October to 14 November were 42,039: “My appeal – concludes Toti – is to all those who have not yet received the first dose: adhering to the vaccination campaign is the only way to definitively return to normal and defeat this virus. In the meantime, we continue with the administration of the booster doses: precisely to remind the over 60s of the need to receive it, we go ahead by sending text messages to all those who have completed the cycle and have not already received or booked the third dose, sending it as a whole approximately 160,000, of which 80,000 by the evening today. The reservations for the third doses are 157,007 “overall.

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