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Fast Food Society “Ides Of Mars” Review (2023)

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Fast Food Society “Ides Of Mars” Review (2023)

Four years after its previous release, “FFS I” (19), the Mallorcans Fast Food Society They deliver a new EP with honors – and production – of a full length. We could title this review “From Palma with resentment.” And the band’s new material oozes, as usual, bile in abundance – don’t be fooled by the melodic predominance of the group -; fifteen concentrated minutes of catchy choruses, well-oiled hardcore guitars and lacerating lyrics that spread their aversion to globalization, consumerism and fascism, among other evils of our time.

The quintet deals against everything and everyone, of course, without ever losing their smile: from the abuse of power by law enforcement officers in “Copaganda”, with some initial points throughout Refused; to the misinformation in “Conspiranoid”, impregnated with a certain hard rock vibe; or the uni-neuronal hooliganism of the tourists from Mallorca in “Nazis Unter Malle”, a theme half in Mallorcan, half in German so that those referred to see themselves portrayed.

And so we arrive at the epic cut that gives the album its title, six minutes in which multiple resources are deployed, including almost progressive details, energetic choruses and a closing with piano notes that exemplifies the care with which the group has given their new work. Fast Food Society continue to grow, slowly but surely. We just hope to see them live soon and the arrival of that new album that should make them go from future promise to enjoying the status that part of the European punk scene press already gives them.

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