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fighting in Gaza, situation of civilians and more

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fighting in Gaza, situation of civilians and more

The conflict between Hamas and Israel that began on October 7 continues to escalate, with ongoing clashes and Israeli attacks in southern Gaza. CNN has geolocated a video showing intense shooting in the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza. This comes as the Rafah border crossing is set to open today to allow the departure of foreigners and dual nationals from the war-torn Strip, according to Egyptian authorities.

In recent developments, Hamas is believed to be holding eight Thais hostage, with 23 Thais previously released under an agreement reached with Israel. Meanwhile, fighting with Israel has resulted in at least 94 fatalities and 406 injuries in Lebanon, with the majority of the wounded being Lebanese men.

On the ground, Israeli forces have claimed to have broken Hamas’ “defense lines” in Khan Younis, while UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps is visiting Israel and the occupied West Bank to press for humanitarian aid to reach Gaza more quickly.

The Rafah border crossing will see the departure of more than 60 American citizens and numerous nationals from other countries, along with 13 United Nations personnel seeking to enter Gaza. In the United Kingdom, protesters have blocked entrances to four arms factories supplying weapons and supplies to Israel.

As tensions continue to mount in the region, the situation remains fluid with potential for further escalation.

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