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Firli Bahuri’s magic

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Firli Bahuri’s magic

It has been three months since former Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Firli Bahuri, has held suspect status. He has officially had suspect status since November 22 2023, but until now the end is unclear. To this day, Firli Bahuri has not been detained by Polda Metro Jaya investigators.

Firli Bahuri is still free to roam wherever he wants. Firli was scheduled for his sixth examination at Bareskrim Polri on Monday, February 26 2024. However, the retired three-star police general did not attend.

Firli was absent twice during the sixth examination. Previously scheduled for February 6 2024, he also did not attend. The ongoing investigation into the former number one person in the anti-corruption agency is in the public spotlight.

The public is wondering whether the National Police are serious about uncovering the Firli Bahuri extortion case, or whether it is just pleasantries that will just evaporate.

If it continues to drag on, Kompolnas member Benny Mamoto said it is not impossible that Kompolnas will directly supervise the handling of the Firli Bahuri case.

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