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Sonora Depression, review of his Ep Makinavaja (2024)

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Sonora Depression, review of his Ep Makinavaja (2024)

At this point, there is little doubt that Vallecano Marcos Crespo is one of the most unique talents to emerge on the national scene in the last five years. An unusual sentence for an artist of only twenty-seven years who has only one album in his locker, “The art of dying very slowly” (Sonido Muchacho, 22), in addition to a couple of EPs including precisely what is their latest release, “MAKINAVAJA” (Sound Boy, 24).

But the talent of the Madrid native is so obvious that the statement can be made without the risk of blushing, in a certified status with this four-track EP, in which eleven minutes are enough to verify that that creative spark so differentiating continues to ignite in its interior. The EP opens with “mala” and its catchy darkness, continuing with “I live from the air” and its complicated balance between The Cure and Family, with that thick bass setting the rhythm.

The industrial aspect of “nothing matters” relies on nihilism as a philosophy that guides the most accelerated composition of the work, before finding a counterpoint in “narcotics”, perhaps the best of the lot and located halfway between the shadows of Joy Division and the rhythm of New Order. A perfect closure for “MAKINAVAJA”a mini-elepé co-produced with Diego Escriche (La Plata) and Harto Rodríguez (ANTIFAN), which cannot be understood in any other way than as a firm step forward.

Pieces of just three minutes in length that spread exponentially in feeling and stark realism, sweeping away a type of elegance that is as plastic as it is credible. Marcos Crespo and his Sound Depression It looks like a compendium of contrasts, marked and even confusing, with bipolar and disenchanted textures that increase the appeal of that accurate lyric, whispered between an impossible mix of nostalgia, surrender, aggressiveness, illusion, sincerity, sarcasm and romanticism.

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