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Fluminense ‘summons’ oxygen cylinders for Recopa against LDU

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Fluminense ‘summons’ oxygen cylinders for Recopa against LDU

O Fluminense still at LDUthis Thursday (22), at 9:30 pm, on CONMEBOL Cup Winners’ Cupin Quito, com broadcast by ESPN on Star+. And the Rio team will bring extra oxygen to the first game of the decision.

More than 10 oxygen cylinders will be with the Fluminense delegation to support the players during the match (see photo above). It is worth remembering that Quito, the place where the duel will be played, has an altitude of 2850 meters.

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In search of the unprecedented title, Fluminense will fight at the Casa Blanca Stadium to break a traumatic and very significant taboo: the fact of never having beaten LDU in Ecuador (three defeats and a draw).

See the detailed history of the duel in Ecuador:

  • LDU 0 x 0 Fluminense (CONMEBOL Libertadores 2008 – group stage)

  • LDU 4 x 2 Fluminense (CONMEBOL Libertadores 2008 – final leg)

  • LDU 5 x 1 Fluminense (CONMEBOL South American 2009 – final departure)

  • LDU 2 x 1 Fluminense (CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2017 – round of 16 round)

When expanded, the scenario is even more traumatic for Fluminense. At Maracanã, Tricolor never lost in regulation time, but the aggregate score is bad.

The first duel took place in the 2008 Libertadores group stage. Cícero scored the solitary goal and gave the home team the victory.

In the final of the same 2008 Libertadores, Fluminense won 3-1, but, as they had lost 4-2 in Ecuador, the decision had to go to maximum penalties. Tricolor led by Renato Gaúcho finished runner-up.

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In the 2009 South American final, the Laranjeiras team won 3-0 and dominated the match. But it wasn’t enough. As they had lost 5-1 at the home of the Ecuadorians, they ended up in second place again.

The last duel between the teams at Maracanã was in 2017, in the first game of the round of 16 of that year’s South American Championship. Gustavo Scarpa scored in the 7th minute of the match, and Tricolor beat LDU. In the return, Fluminense lost 2-1, but qualified due to the qualified goal.

Now driven by the 2023 Libertadores title, Fluminense travels to Ecuador with a single objective: to win the first victory at the home of their biggest “tormenty” outside of Brazil.

Where to watch LDU x Fluminense?

LDU x Fluminense will have live broadcast on ESPN on Star+ this Thursday (22), at 9:30 pm (Brasília time).

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