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Football, Mourinho: “Eliminated by those who know little about football”

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Rome, 15 February (askanews) – “The European competitions are about to begin, in particular the Champions League, perhaps the most important competition on the world calendar. I won’t be there at these final stages, not because I’ve already been eliminated, but because I was ‘eliminated’ by someone who knows little about football. That’s life, full of ups and downs, and I’m growing, despite the unexpected and unfair dismissal. But I will return, and with even more enthusiasm and confidence, for these UEFA matches.” Word of José Mourinho has returned to make his voice heard as global ambassador of Football.com. Mourinho published his new article on ‘Pulse Nigeria’, to comment on the European cups. The Portuguese then spoke about his experience in Europe. “I participated in many matches and reached the final several times. They are special matches for coaches, fans and players. So I have experience to know how to move forward. In these challenges, in the first game you always play to win, in the second you know what you need to move forward. But you must always know the values ​​of your opponents well.”

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