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France bans the sale of baby animals in shops

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PARIS – Gradual ban on keeping wild animals in circuses and aquariums, ban on the sale of puppies of dogs and cats in pet shops: the French Parliament finally and almost unanimously approved a government bill against animal abuse.

The project envisages an end to the commercial exploitation of wild species, including banning their presence in traveling circuses within the next seven years. The presence of cetaceans in aquariums will also be prohibited, as well as the breeding of American mink and other animals for the sole purpose of obtaining fur. There will also be a ban on the sale of puppies of dogs and cats starting from January 1, 2024 in pet shops and the penalties for abuse and abandonment will be increased.

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For the majority of the government of La République en Marche, which had made the approval of the law its strong point, it is “a new historic stage in the battle for the animal cause”.

Relief of the animal rights party and the associations in the sector, who wanted even more drastic measures. “The animal condition – said one of the co-signatories of the bill, Loic Dombreval, from Lrem – is neither a habit of city dwellers with nostalgia for nature, nor a passing fashion, but a topic on which there is a sensitivity to part of a growing number of French “.

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Many would have liked more, like the deputies Olivier Falorni (of Liberties and Territories) e Bastien Lachaud (of the left-wing radicals of La France Insoumise), according to whom the law does not affect “animal abuse as a whole, unlike hunting, which during the legislature would have been” particularly protected “.

As for pets (100,000 abandonments per year in France), a “certificate of commitment and knowledge” is mandatory to be obtained before purchasing an animal, with the aim of avoiding “impulsive” choices.

From 1 January 2024 it will be forbidden to sell puppies of dogs and cats in stores, they will no longer be able to attract customers in the windows and new rules will be dictated for online sales.

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Anyone who voluntarily kills a pet animal will be guilty of a real crime and not liable to fines, as provided for by the law in force until today.

Anyone convicted of ill-treatment will have to follow an awareness training course. As for the thousand wild animals used in 120 traveling circuses in France, a compromise has been reached: a ban, which will start in two years, to present them in public, and a ban on keeping them in cages starting from 2028.


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