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From a young Gazan to the rest of the world – Zone 11

by admin
From a young Gazan to the rest of the world – Zone 11

I lived sixteen years of age under perpetual tension and aggression,
I was born under blockade in a land scarred by embargoes,
I have welcomed distant quarrels over possessions along my path,
And I have only encountered a narrow domination clogged with scourges.

My strip of land has slowly turned into an open-air prison,
A vast jail under siege governing our precarious daily lives;
Cities burned under cover of anti-terrorist hunts,
Resources confiscated in the name of purification and selfish designs.

Is it fair to let a population suffer because of distinctions?
Is it right to damn harmless inhabitants within their nation?
A people who humbly try to exist despite threats of extinction?
A people who seek a legitimate place in these flowerbeds under occupation?

Since these recent dismal days of intensifying bombings,
The world has compassionate eyes fixed on those for whom they strive;
There is no glory in favoring victims for one’s own intentions,
International outrage once again proves his deceitful selection.

Do you hear the whispers of fear from these dying bodies?
Are you listening to this hidden barbarity to the detriment of other innocent people?
My people are not guarantors of the armed branches which resist with hysteria,
To the damaging actions of the brother State which always treats us as enemies.

Horror does not choose a wise side in so much war,
We are as much in danger as your precious martyrs in this hell;
Humanism teaches general empathy against shameless crimes,
And not the one that shines with equivocation and condemns one-sided abuses.

PS: *The young girl mentioned in this text is a fictional and illustrative character*

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