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Germany, student attacks classmates: injured

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Germany, student attacks classmates: injured

Several students were injured at a school in Germany following an attack, apparently by a classmate armed with a knife. At least four students were injured during the attack at the Wilhelm-Dörpfeld-Gymnasium in Wuppertal, reports Bild. Officers launched a large-scale operation at 9.52 am, special units as well as firefighters and rescue services rushed to the high school. The student managed to be overpowered and stopped in the building at 10.20am. According to initial information, it cannot be ruled out that there are other accomplices. At the moment, a large contingent of rescuers is on site to take care of the shocked students.

According to the spokesperson, the suspect – whose identity has not yet been communicated – was also injured in the attack, during which a knife was used, but no shots were fired. In addition to the police and emergency services, a special unit of the security forces was also present on site. The school where the incident occurred is located in the Elberfeld district.

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