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Giorgia doesn’t play the victim tonight – mondoperaio

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Giorgia doesn’t play the victim tonight – mondoperaio

Actually in the original text it sounded different. And yes because, when in 1963 Garinei and Giovannini wrote “Rugantino”, the aria set to music by Trovajoli sang an invocation to Rome, a magical and seductive city, so that by dissolving Rosetta’s resistance it would help Rugantino to conquer it.
The quote is apt because Sister Giorgia is at least as bad a Roman as Rosetta herself, but rather than being stupid, she plays the victim.
Half whining and half “straight back”, like the most fearless of Spartan warriors, Giorgia yesterday, after having given the sole address at the Brancaccio event, organized by the parliamentary groups of the Brothers of Italy, to celebrate the first year of government of the country, he circulated his “Meloni thought”.
She wanted to be with her daughter after family events.
“I too am a human being and if there is anyone I can ask for understanding it is the militants,” he whined in a pre-recorded video.
And up to here no problemindeed, all our solidarity even if that salami, which was so rude as to manage to debase the noble art of “provolone”, also sung by Ovid, to a banal “serum” for buffalo mozzarella, ultimately if the she chose it and it’s not like it had to be that different before.
But later, in the same message, she counterattacks: “I am proud of what has been done, proud of the government’s compactness. I have always walked with my head held high, I have not compromised. The wickedness and the methods they use to weaken us have reached heights never seen before.”
‘This shot from the “Heart book”, as a victim or, even worse, as a martyr of enemy cruelty is simply pathetic.
First of all, we haven’t understood what the hell it should be or be proud of.
She went up to Palazzo Chigi after proclamations and blasts of sacred bronzes with which she had promised that she would turn Italy upside down like a toy pedal (I hope not that incapable one next to her) erasing the entire past, including the months of Draghi who is was the best Prime Minister of the last 30 years, to transform Italy into the best country in the world.
And instead we are worse off than before.
The state doesn’t work; bureaucracy is increasingly an octopus master of the system; healthcare is worse than before; the economy is falling apart, caught between the pressure of a tax system that has not been reformed and the costs of products, or rather of everything, which are skyrocketing due to petrol prices which, despite his rants on YouTube (his and that other cod of his Milanese vice-premier), have not been purified by excise duties; there is a lack of work and young people continue to expatriate; the school does not provide culture, the university does not train; justice does not judge and does not distribute “justice”; the infrastructure sucks as always and the cities are dirty; businesses are gasping and we never know if we can get the PNRR money or not; the skills in the institutions are lacking and there is a group of ministers who, with very few exceptions including Meloni, are a bunch of functional illiterates deserving of no mercy.
Giorgia, you weren’t even able to reform the train timetables and now you’re satisfied? But come on, you’re good and don’t spread yourself.
But then this story of wickedness? But do you fall from the pear tree?
Since 1992 you have armed the guillotines of ferocious and cruel malice, which has also shed the blood with which you have stained your hands and clothes, with that jingle of handcuffs that you waved in the parliamentary chambers together with the nooses for hangings.
Giorgia, aren’t you ashamed at all?
Yes, yes, you too. Because on the evening of the coins, in front of the Raphael, you were there, among those who shouted and threw.
And now you’re complaining? It is since you destroyed the first republic and created bipolarism, it is since the Tangentopoli massacre, that you have placed the sacrificial victim on the altar of hatred and slaughtered it with the gladius of malice.
And do you remember it now? And what happened until yesterday? For thirty years you have been beating yourself up, on one side and the other, stirring up people’s private lives, arming the hands of prosecutors and prosecutors, creating non-existent scandals and manufacturing fake news, because you, you, and all the rubbish of the second and third republic, you don’t even know in the slightest what it means to be involved in politics and you only know how to make jokes for sensation and drama for effect.
Violence, the one you complain about, is the only method and language you are capable of.
You don’t know how to plan, predict, reform, govern, satisfy the needs of communities.
You only know how to hate.
And if there is a truly valid reason that distances Italians from politics, it is precisely this climate of hatred and malice that floats like slime in the empty swamp of your inability, of everyone, from right to left.
Giorgia, I was making you smart… in every election half of Italians stay at home.
And ask her some questions.

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