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Glacier 3000: Record snowfall in Les Diablerets

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Glacier 3000: Record snowfall in Les Diablerets

Snow fell in abundance. Image: Glacier3000

The Diablerets resort benefits from an unprecedented mass of snow which boosts attendance at the area. Proof that above 2000m, conditions are good.

The figures make powder lovers dizzy: at the top of the Diablerets resort, the cumulative precipitation in the form of snow is 40% higher than last year on the same date, while the snow cover is 65% greater thicknesssays the press release from the Vaudois Alps resort.

Mind-blowing figures, even unpublished, which push skiers to move to the top of the Col du Pillon to take advantage of the conditions described as historic by the resort’s communication.

“4.5 meters of snow fell during the month of November”

Glacier 3000

Skiers travel by bus to experience winter conditions at an altitude of over 2000m. The press release indicates 2.72 meters of snow depth at the SLF measuring station in Tsanfleuron at 2569m.

The snow has buried the access to the Peak Walk. Picture: Glacier 3000

“We actually had an excellent day yesterday, and the number of skiers transported by the postal buses linking Les Diablerets and Gstaad from our facilities reached an unprecedented level” rejoices Bernhard Tschannen, director of the ski lifts.

“Monday remains the best day of the week”

Impressive walls at the Combe d’Audon.Image: Glacier3000

The ski season ends at the end of April

Despite these impressive snow accumulations, Bernhard Tschannen confirms that the season will end on April 30. “From May, demand is more oriented towards pedestrians.”

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“From May, demand is more oriented towards pedestrians”

Bernhard Tschannen

But as the director of Glacier 3000 reminds us: “Ski enthusiasts continue to come to Glacier 3000 in May with touring skis to do tricks like on the Diablerets summit.”

When will the Black Wall reopen?

Although the snow mass is substantial, the now famous slope of the Vaud resort, the Black Wall, one of the steepest in the world, has not yet reopened. The track had given way, as if torn apart, following a break in the layer of snow, which slid down the steep side of the mountain. The reasons: the recent rise in temperatures has made the packed snow layer unstable on already warm and smooth ground.

Bernhard Tschannen explains that the area could be passable again if Mother Nature is willing.

“Yes, as soon as the next snowfall allows us to work the slope and open it in complete safety”


A helicopter crashed in Valais, in the Niouc region, after hitting a cable. The pilot, alone in the machine, was injured.

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