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“Goldrake from A to U”: a timeless myth, the new book by Marco Pellitteri

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“Goldrake from A to U”: a timeless myth, the new book by Marco Pellitteri

There are characters who have become such cult characters, true Legends, that time has never passed for them. They are always innovative and furthermore, in addition to countless essays being dedicated to them by journalists, enthusiasts, artists and many others, it turns out that there is always something new to tell about them. This is demonstrated by studies on important historical figures such as Leonardo, Dante Alighieri, Julius Caesar…

The essayist and sociologist Marco Pellitteri (Goldrake Nostalgia), dedicates a new writing to a myth like Goldrake: a hero, a cartoon, a symbol, for the detractors a warmonger… in any case a figure who with his appearance on Italian screens on the 4th April 1978, gave a turning point to the animation seen up to that point.

Marco Pellitteri, presents this essay “Goldrake from A to U – Origin, journey and return of the Sentinel in the blue, 1975-2024”, the first book of Digital Loop, the new Rai Libri series, in which the author will transport the reader on a historical journey from the birth of Ufo Robot Grendizer to its upcoming reboot “Grendizer U”.

An opportunity for old fans to relive emotions, as well as everything he brought to the media, social and cultural level, while for new generations, the chance to get to know the greatest “representative” of the dissemination of Anime in Italy.

A book not to be missed to “see” Daisuke again in command of Grendizer who, with the Space Halberd, fights the invaders of Vega, thus discovering, through a detailed and critical analysis, a series that cannot be reduced to a simple cartoon animated, so much so that it influenced the habits of viewers, the social fabric of the toy trade and future programming for children and teenagers on Rai and on the nascent private networks.

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A writing that leads us to reflect on how, after over 40 years, Grendizer has remained imprinted in the public’s mind, without being sculpted by the passage of time; his presence allowed, without a shadow of a doubt, to make a strong contribution to what we have today: the customs clearance of anime and manga, now considered in the same way as books, films, music, or rather artistic works that have a lot to say. A revenge against those who in the 80s even called a parliamentary motion against Ufo Robot, as well as various petitions to remove it from Rai schedules.

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