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Gordon Moore, Silicon Valley guru and co-founder of Intel, has died. Tim Cook: “Visionary”

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Gordon Moore, Silicon Valley guru and co-founder of Intel, has died.  Tim Cook: “Visionary”

For Tim Cook, “the world has lost a giant with Gordon Mooreone of the founders of Silicon Valley and a true visionary, who paved the way for the technological revolution”. The Apple CEO commented on the death of Gordon Moore, philanthropist, co-founder of Intel and creator of the theory on the technological evolution of chip for computers. She was 94 years old. He predicted that the processing power of the computer it would be doubled each year, then revised in two. Intuition notes how Moore’s lawbecame the foundation of the computer processor industry and influenced the computer revolution PC.

Doctor of chemistry, in 1968 he created NM Electronics in collaboration with the physicist Robert Noycenicknamed the “mayor of Silicon Valley“. A few months later, the two bought the name Intel for 15 thousand dollars. Gordon Moore became the company’s chief executive officer from 1979 to 1987. In 1971, Intel commercialized the first microprocessor: a revolution. The company is today the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the United States States United and the third largest in the world by turnover, behind the South Korean company Samsung and Taiwanese TSMC.

In 1965, while working for another company, the Fairchild SemiconductorGordon Moore predicted, in an article published by the magazine Electronics, that the density of transistors in microprocessors would double every year. He modified his theory of it in 1975, calculating a doubling every two years. Carver Mead, another microchip pioneer, gave the name ‘Moore’s Law’ to this principle which is still valid after decades. This evolution has made it possible to democratize information technology and electronics, first with personal computers, then with various devices, up to the mobile phone. Specialists predict that Moore’s law will soon no longer apply due to physical limitations to the integration of transistor its a microprocessor.

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