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Maria Mena reveals the gender of the baby

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Maria Mena reveals the gender of the baby

In January, artist Maria Mena (37) shared the news that she and fiancé Morten Kleppa are expecting their first child.

“I’ve been looking forward to telling you this so much! This summer we will (if all goes well) be allowed to become parents!”, wrote the artist in a post on Instagram.

At the time, congratulations poured in from several well-known profiles.

“Now you’re burning up the internet MARIAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!”, wrote comedian and actor John Brungot (46).

“Congratulations, you’re so beautiful,” commented artist and “Bloggers” profile Alexandra Joner (33).

Influencer and former Good Evening Norway presenter Marte Bratberg (34) also did not hold back.

“Ohhhhh so cozy!!!!!!!”, wrote Bratberg.

Since then, neither Mena nor Kleppa have revealed whether they are having a boy or a girl.

Now, however, the former shares that they will have a boy.

She shares the news herself on Instagram, via the story function.

– Today we have seen both *eggplant emoji* and *football emoji* and can conclude that we are having a boy, she writes.

The singer follows up with:

– Now I also understand why I have to pee every five minutes. He lies and kicks my bladder.

– Belong together

However, it is not just pregnancy that is the couple’s turn. Mena was proposed to by Kleppa in December last year.

When the artist got up at six o’clock to open some Christmas presents, she got the big question.

– He got a jacket from me and I was asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, writes Mena, and continues:

– And that was easy to answer. There are actually few things in life that I am as certain as that Morten and I belong together.

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