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Grêmio beats Caxias and takes advantage in the semi-final of Gauchão

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Grêmio beats Caxias and takes advantage in the semi-final of Gauchão

O Grêmio beat Caxias 2-1this Saturday (16), at Centenário, in Caxias do Sul, Serra Gaúcha, for the first game of the semi-final of the Campeonato Gaúcho.

The home team started dominating the match, but Tricolor managed to open the scoring in the first half with a goal from Cristaldo. In the second half, Diego Costa expanded and Du Queiroz scored against.

return game

With the result, Tricolor has the advantage of guaranteeing classification with just a draw at the Arena, in Porto Alegre, in the return game, on the 25th (Monday). With no games until then, the teams will have eight days of free work to prepare for the decision that gives them a place in the final.

The Grêmio victory in Serra was marked by many yellow cards, in total there were ten during the match. Four for Caxias and six for Grêmio.

First time

At home, Caxias started creating the first opportunities of the game. In the seventh minute, Grená had a chance with a free kick from Tomas Bastos, but the number 10 shot wide. In the next minute it was Elyser’s turn to threaten Tricolor’s goal, but goalkeeper Caíque made a great save with his entire body.

The home team was dominating the match in creating opportunities, in the 15th minute, Álvaro took advantage of a free kick and tried to head it, but hit it wide. Two minutes later, Emerson Martins almost opened the scoring for Grená.

What a find!

Even with Caxias’ dominance at the beginning of the first half, midfielder Cristaldo once again opened the scoring for Tricolor. In the 20th minute, Villasanti crossed and the Argentine scored. 1 to 0 Grêmio.

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Argel Fuchs’ team felt the Grêmio goal and in the following attempts, with Vitor Feijão and Elyeser, the ball ended up without direction.

The game still ended with a lot of fouls at the end of the first half with four more yellow cards.

Second time

Excited about the goal, Cristaldo started the second half looking for new scoring chances. After five minutes, the number 10 ended up catching the ball badly and shooting crookedly, without even scaring goalkeeper Fabian Volpi.

After six minutes, Tomás Bastos shot, the ball deflected off Geromel and Caíque held on. At 10, however, it was Volpi’s turn to work. Diego Costa advanced at speed and dropped a bomb, but archer Grená saved it.

Maximum penalty!

Diego Costa was brought down in the 19th minute by Marcelo, inside the area. From the kick, the center forward converted and scored the second for Tricolor.

Caxias took a free kick in the 30th minute, the ball hit Du Queiroz and went into the goal. 2 to 1. The goal went to VAR, but was awarded to Caxias.

Caxias 1 x 2 Grêmio

Caxias: Fabian Volpi; Marcelo, Denilson, Cézar Henrique and Dudu Mandai; Barba, Elyeser, Emerson Martins and Tomas Bastos; Vitor Feijão and Álvaro. Coach: Argel Fuchs.

Guild: Caique; João Pedro, Geromel, Kannemann and Mayk; Villasanti, Pepê, Pavón, Cristaldo and Gustavo Nunes; Diego Costa. Coach: Renato Portaluppi.

Goals: Cristaldo, from Grêmio (20min, 1T), Diego Costa, from Grêmio (22min, 2T), Du Queiroz, against, from Caxias (30min, 2T)

Yellow cards: Caxias: Marcelo Ferreira (10min, 1T), Cézar (36min, 1T), Elyeser (42min, 1T), Pedro Cuiabá (50min, 2T); Grêmio: Kannemann (14min, 1T), Cristaldo (42min, 1T), Diego Costa (46min, 1T), Villasanti (13min, 2T), Renato Portaluppi (35min, 2T), Mayk (36min, 2T).

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