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GTA 6 / Talk about an extraordinary map – PHOTOS

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GTA 6 / Talk about an extraordinary map – PHOTOS

With the long-awaited announcement of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, the enthusiasm among fans has reached stratospheric levels. This new chapter in the series, according to rumors, could surpass even the beloved GTA V which has long dominated the video game scene. Recently, Ned Luke, Michael De Santa’s actor, hinted at his involvement in the sixth episode, further fueling players’ expectations.

Although Rockstar has not yet officially revealed GTA 6, some fans have developed a new map of the game based on online leaks. This map, shared these days on Twitter, was created using the coordinates present in the leaked videos. According to estimates from the GTA Mapping community, the map could be up to three times larger than that of GTA V, with the distance between Vice City and Port Gellhorn roughly equivalent to the entire length of the previous chapter’s map: let’s see as it could be according to the latest rumors <<

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