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Gubbio-breaking latest news 4-0, an evening totally to forget: news, scoreboard and votes

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Gubbio-breaking latest news 4-0, an evening totally to forget: news, scoreboard and votes

If tonight’s match was supposed to be a sort of final exam, it failed bitterly. breaking latest news fell 4-0 in Gubbio at the end of a strange match which paradoxically took a pro-Eugibini turn after the home team at 0-0 had missed a penalty. Instead of having a psychological repercussion, Braglia’s team started to press on the accelerator. While the Dolphin has inexplicably disappeared from the field. 1-0 in the first half, another 3 goals conceded in the second half: a real defeat.

In Gubbio the official matches between the two teams before this evening were 3: a victory for each side, 2-0 rossoblù in the 1947/48 series B and breaking latest news success 2-0 in the historic 2011/12 series B, with Zeman on the bench and goals from Marco Sansovini and Lorenzo Insigne, then a 2-2 draw (own goal by Drudi and Cittadino from a penalty for the hosts, double by Clemenza for breaking latest news) in the 2021/22 Serie C season.
Two of the most expert coaches in Italian football found themselves facing each other: 69 years of age for Piero Braglia, with 660 appearances in the Lega Pro regular season alone and 1026 in total in professional football, and 76 years of Mr. Zdenek Zeman with 231 matches in Serie C and 1070 benches with professional Italian teams

Three changes proposed by Zeman compared to the starting eleven of the previous round: Pierno for Floriani Mussolini, De Marco for Aloi and Meazzi for Tunjov. Roberto Pierno, breaking latest news’s right back, returned to the starting line-up after more than a month: he had started from the first minute the last time was on January 7th in the match against Juve Next Gen and this is the seventeenth appearance in the championship. The first half was characterized by a prolonged study phase, with a lot of battle in the middle of the pitch and the defenses winning over the attacks. At the turn of the 13th minute, the Delfino’s growth began, thanks to its low flankers: Milani with a shot from outside and Pierno with a cross that Pirrello almost didn’t put into his own goal, in fact they began to increase the engine speed and the whole maneuver was positively affected. The first bad note of the evening is the very heavy warning given to Brosco in the 17th minute: already warned, he will be forced to miss Tuesday’s midweek match against Spal. The Wolves were a little scared of the Dauphin’s greater aggressiveness in the central phase of the first half of the game, thus struggling to propose something convinced and concrete, but they had the excellent chance to pass from eleven meters due to a foul by Plizzari on Plug. However, from the spot the former Desogus had his shot blocked by Plizzari himself. Missed penalty or, if you prefer, saved and parity preserved. Once the scare was over, the biancazzurri lowered their center of gravity a little to avoid the Gubbio crashes which could cost them dearly as in the action of the penalty whistled against (verticalization by Mercati). But it is on the counterattack that breaking latest news pays the price. In fact, a quick restart was born from a ball recovered by Bumbu which Corsinelli finished in the net with a surgical diagonal.

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Moruzzi and Cangiano immediately come on for Milani and Cangiano are Zeman’s choices at half-time to try to give a shock to a team which in the final half, instead of finding life from the penalty saved by Plizzari, crumpled in on itself until suffering the Corsinelli network. Lots of ball possession, but sterile, for the Delfino at the start of the second half and the punishment arrived promptly in the 57th minute: free kick from their own midfield taken by Corsinelli, general sleep by the defense which Desogus took advantage of and with a nice lob went past Plizzari on the way out. The trio materialized in the 61st minute with Udoh, assisted by the wild Desogus, with the poker coming immediately afterwards with Tozzuolo punishing the Delfino very severely. A real debacle. But the knockout with a very rounded result is right based on what we saw at Barbetti. Eighth useful result in a row for Gubbio, which thus overtakes the biancazzurri. Unrecognizable. Censorship performance to reflect on.

The scoreboard

Gubbio – breaking latest news 4-0

GUBBIO (4-3-1-2): Greco 6; Corsinelli 7 (77′ Morelli sv), Tozzuolo 7, Pirrello 6.5, Mercadante 6.5; Mercati 6.5 (72′ Rosaia SV), Casolari 6.5 (77′ Dimarco SV), Bumbu 7; Spina 6.5 (72′ Chierico sv); Desogus 6.5 (77′ Brambilla sv), Udoh 6.5. Available: Vettorel, Calabrese, Gnazale, Signorini, Guerrini. Annex Braglia 7

breaking latest news (4-3-3): Plizzari 5.5; Pierno 5, Brosco 5, Di Pasquale 5.5 (61′ Mesik 5.5), Milani 6 (46′ Moruzzi 5); De Marco 5 (69′ Tunjov sv), Dagasso 5.5, Meazzi 5.5; Merola 5 (69′ Sasanelli sv), Cuppone 5, Capone 5.5 (46′ Cangiano 5). Available Gasparini, Floriani Mussolini, Pellacani, Staver, Aloi, Squizzato, Franchini, Masala. All. Zeman 5

Referee: Mattia Caldera of Como 6

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Goals: 39′ Corsinelli (G), 52′ Desogus (G), 62′ Udoh (G), 69′ Tozzuolo (G)

Notes: warnings Brosco, Plizzari, Mesik, Tunjov (P), Mercadante, Pirrello (G)

Recoveries 2’pt and 4’st

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