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Home: from collagen, care also for those who live there

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Home: from collagen, care also for those who live there

Home means work. Constant, without holidays or salary, sometimes heavy and burdensome. Which wears out and wears out our body, starting with the joints.

Taking care of the house therefore means taking care of yourself. Repairing, when needed, but above all maintaining and strengthening. As? With collagen, the protein that keeps us healthy and strong. Let’s find out together what it is, how it works and how to take it to get the most out of it.

The importance of the “glue protein”

Hours standing or sitting, daily postures and gestures, children, disabled or elderly people to assist, heavy objects to move or support: every day, we ask our body for strength and flexibility. And, every day, we consume approx 10 grams of collagen – over time, thus losing them both.

Supporting structure of bones, joints, cartilage and ligaments, collagen accounts for a third of all our proteins, one third of bone mass and 70% of tendon mass. Its spontaneous production in our body begins to slow down after the age of 25, thus asking us for some integration and maintenance.

But the “drinkable collagen” molecule is too large to pass through the skin barrier. Thus, with the help of water, it is divided into smaller fragments: i peptides – easy to digest, absorb and assimilate. Therefore able to:

  • repair injuries and traumas and decrease inflammation;
  • reduce the risk of fractures and injuries;
  • support people with osteoporosis, bone fragility, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis;
  • keep teeth, skin, nails and hair strong and healthy;
  • stimulate the production of collagen in our body.
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How an emergency responder capable of both manage the emergencyboth of heal deeply. By rebuilding weakened tissue and mobilizing our natural resources.

Keep healthy and fit

Hinges and hinges need some oil, otherwise they will creak or block. Faucet filters require a little vinegar or limescale remover, otherwise there will be incrustations. Same thing for the cartilages, the “cushions” that avoid friction between the bones, and for all the others connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, blood vessel walls and skin).

How to do it?

  1. With little ones precautionshow to bend not on the back but by flexing the knees, especially if to lift or lay down weights.
  2. With the right foods in the diet – from bone broth to vitamins A, C and E in fruit and vegetables, passing through 1-1.5 liters of water per day. And avoiding excess refined sugars, salt, alcohol, spicy foods, energy drinks, processed meats, fried foods and coffee.
  3. If compatible with our clinical picture, with a collagen supplement of the right composition.

Knowing that taking a supplement does not replace diet or lifestyle. And that some pathologies or some factors such as too much sun or smoking can accelerate the consumption of collagen in our body. As with everything, it’s a matter of equilibrium. Between ‘too much’ and ‘too little’ – including physical activity or inactivity.

How to choose the best collagen supplement

Definitely not chasing fashions, because we’re talking about health. In fact, whether found in cosmetic or food products, the molecule is mainly extracted from animals or fish, grown in environments that are not always certified.

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The first condition is therefore the safety, the origin and purity of the collagen. Followed by quality of the active ingredient and the peptides contained in the supplement. Finally, from dimension of peptides – small enough to pass both the skin and gastric juices.

It’s not easy, but we have a good example. Let’s talk about the supplement Chondrovitaback in production and distributed by Bone srl – a company present and active in the departments of orthopedics, traumatology and neurosurgery of the Lazio Region. Why exactly this supplement? Why Chondrovita:

  • contains the active ingredient Gelita ei peptides Gelita Peptiplusof the highest purity, quality and safety;
  • relieves shoulder, hip and knee pain by up to 80%, thus reducing the use of kidney-damaging painkillers by over 60%;
  • the 10 grams of each sachet are absorbed without the peptides undergoing alterations at the gastric level;
  • it has already proved effective in the recovery of joint mobility;
  • in its composition, it does not provide dairy products, gluten, sugars, fats and cholesterol – resulting therefore compatible with people suffering from allergies or intolerances.

All this, always consulting your doctor. In fact, hydrolysed collagen is not recommended in the case of liver or kidney pathologies, low-protein diets, high levels of calcium or ongoing treatments with calcitonin (for example, for osteoporosis). During pregnancy and breastfeeding, on the other hand, it is necessary to see each case on a case-by-case basis – avoiding harming the mother and fetus just to prevent stretch marks.

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