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Hong Kong Police Arrest 2 Former Members of All Wills in Ongoing Crackdown

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Hong Kong Police Arrest 2 Former Members of All Wills in Ongoing Crackdown

Title: Two Former Members of All Wills Arrested in Ongoing National Security Case

Date: July 27, 2023

The National Security Department of the Police Force has arrested two former members of “Hong Kong Zhongzhi,” Huang Lili and Chen Yuxuan, on charges of conspiring to collude with foreign countries or foreign forces to endanger national security and conspiring to commit acts with inciting intent. The arrests are suspected to be related to their alleged involvement in assisting in the operation of the “Punish Mee” mobile application and providing funds to the wanted former chairman of the Zhongzhi Founding Party, Luo Guancong.

The arrests of Huang Lili and Chen Yuxuan are connected to the earlier arrests made this month, although specific details and roles have not been disclosed by the police. It is further stated that the police operation is ongoing and more arrests may follow.

Earlier this month, the National Security Department of the police arrested several former members of “Hong Kong Zhongzhi,” including former chairman Lin Langyan, Li Qijing, Zhong Zhanqiao, Liao Weilian, and Zhu Enhao. They were accused of supporting Luo Guancong through the operation of the “Punish Mee” social platform and mobile app. Although they have been released on bail, they are required to report to the police in early August.

In another news, the Hong Kong Police Force has successfully hired 128 Mainland and Hong Kong students amidst the high job vacancies it faces. The Police Force has lowered entry standards and increased recruitment channels to attract talent. The Security Bureau reported that as of June 30, 128 students had passed the police selection process through the “Mainland University Recruitment Express” and could be hired by the end of July. Additionally, 319 applications are still under consideration.

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The high turnover rate of the police force has led to a significant number of job vacancies. According to the Civil Service Bureau, as of March 31, 2022, the Police Force had the highest number of vacancies among all government departments, with a total of 6,312 vacancies. Last year, the Police Force recruited Hong Kong students studying in Mainland universities but faced low application numbers.

In terms of public sentiment, Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao’s popularity rating has dropped below 50 points for the first time since he took office. The latest poll conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion showed that Lee Ka-chao scored 49.7 points, reflecting a decline in public satisfaction with the government’s performance. Reasons for the disappointment include declining economic figures and perceived political tightening.

The Public Opinion Institute’s decision to cancel some survey topics, including those related to the stake association and China’s human rights situation, has raised concerns about the restriction of information. The institute clarified that the changes were made based on resource allocation, public interest, and risk assessment, denying any consultation with the government.

In other news, statistics from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau indicate a decline in the number of Taiwanese tourists visiting Hong Kong in the first four months of this year since Taiwan reopened to tourism. The decrease may be attributed to various factors, including ongoing political tensions and the impact of pandemic-related restrictions.

As the situation continues to evolve, authorities are urged to re-evaluate policies and create an environment that fosters public and international confidence in Hong Kong.

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