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hostage release, deaths, news and more

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hostage release, deaths, news and more

104 civilians were killed in Gaza after IDF attacks while waiting for food, according to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry. The incident took place as starving Palestinian civilians gathered around food aid trucks, resulting in chaos and tragedy.

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, at least 104 people have been killed and 760 wounded in the attack. The exact details of the incident are still unclear, and CNN has not been able to independently confirm these figures.

Eyewitnesses reported that people had gathered around the aid trucks in the hope of receiving food when Israeli tanks and drones began firing at them on Haroun Al Rasheed Street in the west of Gaza City, in the area of Sheikh Ajleen. An Israeli official stated that IDF troops had fired live ammunition at the crowd, claiming that the civilians posed a threat to the troops.

As the aid trucks attempted to leave the area, witnesses reported that they accidentally collided with others, causing more casualties. Hospitals in the area have been overwhelmed with the influx of casualties, with reports of 40 dead arriving at Al Shifa Hospital, 10 at Kamal Adwan Hospital, and 3 at Al Awda Hospital.

The number of casualties is expected to rise as many bodies and injured individuals remain on the streets, making it difficult for ambulances to reach them due to debris blocking the way. The IDF has stated that the incident is under review.

Oxfam International has condemned the attack, calling it a “flagrant violation of international humanitarian laws and our humanity.” The number of dead and injured in Gaza continues to be updated as authorities provide more information on the tragic incident.

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