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“I killed Gabby Petito”. In a diary, the confession of the boyfriend of the girl found dead in Wyoming

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“I was the one who killed Gabby Petito.” The confession is from Brian Laundrie, the boyfriend of the New York girl found dead last summer in Wyoming. It is contained in the diary found next to Brian’s body, whose remains were found weeks later in a swampy area thousands of miles away in Florida. Between the lines of that notebook, heavily damaged by water and humidity, the investigators found confirmation of what has always been their thesis. Brian admits his responsibilities, even if the details of his notes have not yet been revealed.

The case that for weeks and weeks has moved and kept the whole of America in suspense therefore seems to be heading towards its definitive closure. For the FBI, there are no other people suspected or involved in the affair.

Everything was consummated within the turbulent relations of the young couple who in one stage of their trip, in Utah, had also been stopped by the police following a violent dispute. Brian and Gabby, 23 and 22, were touring the country in a small camper, going from one state to another in the US and sharing their adventures on social media. But that road trip they had always dreamed of soon turned into tragedy, the result of the growing disagreements and disagreements between the two boyfriends.

Gabby’s body was discovered in a remote area of ​​the Teton National Forest, Wyoming. For investigators and coroners no doubt: she had been strangled. Brian, on the other hand, made him lose his silence, and for weeks he was the focus of a real manhunt. For days he tried to trick the authorities by chatting between his phone and Gabby’s, making them believe she was still alive. While he, using the victim’s credit card, made his way to Florida, where his parents live.

His escape ended in an area of ​​North Port’s Carlton Reserve. The body was found in land that until a few days earlier had been submerged by water, a swampy area inhabited by various species of snakes and alligators. Hence the initial difficulties encountered in identifying the victim, with the recognition made thanks to the fundamental contribution of the boy’s family who actively participated in the research. Next to the body, in addition to the notebook, a backpack and a gun, the one with which Brian committed suicide.

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