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iliad between Christmas windows and the collaboration with Martina Lorusso

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iliad between Christmas windows and the collaboration with Martina Lorusso

Iliad’s new Christmas campaign live. Special initiatives in stores with iliad © momusso

iliad announces today the launch of its new Christmas communication campaign: “With iliad Christmas is forever”.

The campaign tells of a Christmas that doesn’t end even after taking down the tree, underlining the value of FOREVER, which made the operator the standard bearer of clear, transparent and advantageous offers.

The claim: “Christmas is forever”

The price of the offer signed with iliad is guaranteed forever.

A guarantee that iliad users have been able to count on since the operator entered the Italian mobile market and which iliad continues to uphold, reaffirming its desire to build a solid long-term relationship of trust with its users. For example, by subscribing the GIGA 150 mobile offer you have 150 GB available in 4G/4G+ and 5G in Italy, unlimited minutes and SMS for €9.99 FOREVER.

The campaign includes various cross-channel activities, including a special initiative that awaits Italians in the 49 iliad Stores present in the area.

Furthermore iliad is pleased to announce collaboration with the designer Martina Lorusso.

Iliad windows for Christmas

Starting from December 4th and for all holidays, the shop windows will be decorated with illustrations created by momusso, also inspired by the “Christmas is forever” campaign.

Martina Lorusso, aka momusso, is a 31-year-old pop illustrator, with Venetian/Puglia origins, who in her works aims to use a simple and intuitive line, which together with words manages to create new communicative worlds. A central role is always played by the emotions that momusso tries to define, know and accept through her drawing and social channels. With this objective, you invented “sentimental drawing sessions” in which, through three questions, you manage to create a mirror drawing in which people can reflect themselves.

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Gifts for customers

Users who enter one of the stores will also be given some gadgets: pins, stickers, tote bags and T-shirts will be a gift in perfect style iliad © momusso.

In addition to in-store activations, the campaign planning includes digital activations and OOH billboards in various Italian cities, including Milan, Rome, Naples, Genoa and Verona.

Photo from momusso Facebook profile

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