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First at La Scala, usual hecklers. But in the end she won the show

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First at La Scala, usual hecklers.  But in the end she won the show

Matteo Salvini: “the usual troublemakers”. Yesterday the premiere at La Scala, on the day of Sant’Ambrogio, disturbed by the usual suspects but in the end it was a spectacle

Yesterday we talked about the traditional trade union threats to the premiere at La Scala:

which passed, as is right, in silence because the absence of CGIL and ANPI was frankly unnoticed in the general and festive climate of an event which is a consolidated tradition for the Milanese, who consider it the opening of the Christmas rites.

This time the premiere was unusual because in the Royal park listening to the “Don Carlo” directed by Riccardo Chailly, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella was not there for the first time but there was Senator Liliana Segre who won the “war of positions” managing to place herself close to the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and that of Senate Ignazio La Russa.

Before the Mameli anthem a “No to fascism” e “Long live anti-fascist Italy” which are so endearing in the 70s, when social centers threw rotten eggs on ladies’ fur coats, eggs which unfortunately soon turned into lead a few years later.

Opera la Segre who, very moved, declared:

“I like it very much. I am a regular at La Scala, I went to the gallery and slowly went down to the stalls” he adds. This year “the mayor and La Russa kindly asked me to come to the royal box. I miss Mattarella. She always invited me into the royal box during intermissions. I have no brothers or sisters but I love him like a brother”

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However, due to not knowing “neither to read nor write”, she placed herself right in the place where the President of the Republic usually sits.

The deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure e Transport Matteo Salvini, regarding the shouts that were heard, declared:

“If someone comes to La Scala to shout or to Ambrogino to whistle, they have a problem. They come to La Scala to listen, not to shout and in any case the opera is beautiful.”

Regarding the controversy with CGIL and ANPI Ignazio La Russa he cut it short:

“What I didn’t understand about the controversies in which I didn’t participate was the ignorance of the fact that I am not the president’s deputy. I am the president of the Senate, it is the president who comes down to say hello, I was also there the year last and I didn’t come down to greet anyone, I wasn’t the president’s replacement, the president wasn’t there and there was no replacement.”

Also present at the inauguration of the opera season was the singer Patti Smith who greeted the Italian public with: “Tonight I expect beauty“.

In short, apart from the usual specious controversies of the day before and the serial hecklers the day after, we can say that the Prima alla Scala went well and was an evening of culture, music and entertainment. A good viaticum for the upcoming Christmas and the holidays.

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