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Iliad, TIM, Vodafone and WindTre sign the agreement with ATAC

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Iliad, TIM, Vodafone and WindTre sign the agreement with ATAC

5G in the Metro: Iliad, TIM, Vodafone and WindTre sign a historic agreement with ATAC

Not just Milan, Rome is also preparing for a significant digital leap thanks to aagreement between the telecommunications operators Iliad, TIM, Vodafone and WindTre and the Rome Capital Mobility Company (ATAC).
With the official authorization from Roma Capitale, an agreement was signed for the 5G mobile radio coverage on all Metro A and B lines, as well as on lines B1 and C, including all related stations.

The agreement, the result of months of negotiations and mediation, was possible thanks to the decisive contribution of the Communications Regulatory Authority (AGCOM).

This collaboration marks a crucial step forward in ensuring fast and reliable connectivity for metro passengers, citizens and visitors to Rome.

The four main telecommunications companies, aware of the key role that connectivity plays in daily life, have agreed to support the investments necessary to advance the objectives of the 2030 Digital Agenda. This initiative will not only improve the travel experience for those who use the metro, but will also contribute to positioning Rome as one of the cutting-edge European cities in the field of mobile connectivity.

With the diffusion of the 5G network in metro stations and trains, citizens will be able to enjoy wider coverage, faster connections and advanced digital services. The agreement highlights the telephone companies’ shared commitment to ensuring consistent, high-quality coverage, overcoming the logistical challenges associated with the subway’s underground environment.

Aenigma 1976, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It was jointly declared that this partnership represents a significant step for offer cutting-edge telecommunications services to anyone traveling or residing in Rome. The convergence of resources and efforts of mobile operators, in collaboration with ATAC, promises to transform the vision of a highly connected metro into a tangible reality.

The signing of this convention is the first concrete step towards a digitally advanced Rome, an objective which, once achieved, will place the eternal city at the center of the ongoing digital revolution.

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This is why the agreement finally underlines the synergy between different sectors, showing how collaboration between private companies and public services can translate into tangible benefits for the community.

Photo Valerio171006, CC BY-SA 4.0via Wikimedia Commons

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